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Lanteria HR has customers in 40+ countries around the globe

Lanteria is a leading developer of HR, Talent, Performance and Learning management software, based on Microsoft SharePoint platform. We deliver high-quality software solutions that boost the efficiency of our customers’ business with streamlined and integrated HRM processes.

Founded in 2006, Lanteria has since been providing innovative HR management solutions for mid-sized and large businesses. With a highly qualified team of experienced HR and IT professionals, we have been able to achieve progressive levels of integration of the extensive experience in HR management with the latest cutting-edge Microsoft technologies to produce a complete comprehensive product for our clients.

In 2007, the company management made a strategic decision to focus on SharePoint products and services, based on powerful features, a growing customer interest in this technology and the seamless integration and automation it helps our clients achieve. After successful completion of a number of projects, the Lanteria team has attained valuable experience in SharePoint, providing arguably the best SharePoint HR solution in the world. Today Lanteria HR integrates with any edition of SharePoint 2013 or 2016 and Office 365.


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