Compensation Management Software

Compensation software eases the life of an HR manager by keeping and structuring all information about employees’ salaries, benefits, and incentives. As an HR professional, you can use these planning solutions to adjust your compensation policy, plan your company’s salary budgets, and manage compensations using a visual dashboard.

Our Compensation Management Key Features

The Lanteria HR Compensation module helps HR managers not only manage base pays and allowances but also track the compensation history of any employee working for the organization.

Simplify Calculations

With the responsibilities you’ve been given, you want to find a useful compensation tool to make sure your budgets and compensations are calculated correctly. Lanteria HR’s compensation management solution simplifies budget optimization and salary management.

Simplify Calculations with Lanteria HR

Performance Improvement

One of HRs’ main priorities is motivating employees to improve their performance, which can be done by designing a system that would help control workers’ compensation based on their results.

Performance Improvement with Lanteria HR

In addition, Lanteria’s compensation planning software has a lot of helpful features, interesting details, and nice touches, for instance:

If you have employees working from different parts of the world, you can set up the program to define an extra payment for the worker, depending on the country they reside in.
There’s no need to calculate compensations and budgets in USD: you can choose any available currency to manage your salaries in. Besides, it is also possible to pick several currencies.
You can set up additional bonuses you want to include in your employee’s allowance. The process of setting up automatic salary calculations is really easy and can be completed within minutes.
Another interesting feature is the centralized dashboard that provides all the compensation data of your staff, which helps visualize the sums you’re dealing with.
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And More!

We made sure to implement every tool that would be useful for HR managers. Using software like this, you get a better understanding of how well your workforce performs and whether their results match the compensation they receive.

On the other hand, the system also tracks those workers that are highly productive and are counting on a bonus. The compensation software won’t let you ignore such employees, as they are the driving force of your entire organization.

Users who have access to the internal system are able to publish compensation policies, and this facilitates diverse bonus structures within the company.

For reporting purposes, you can import and export important compensation data without any problems. Compensation management software ensures that your employees’ allowances are in good hands, supervised by industry professionals.

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