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Automated time tracking and leave management system based on SharePoint and Office 365
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Easily operate the time tracking system to register and analyze time spent on the projects and activities employees are working on.

Timetracking with Lanteria HR solutions


See absences in real-time and plan for multiple vacations and time-off requests with a shared calendar. Available for both employees and managers through a SharePoint Employee Self-Service Portal.

Office 365 company calendar


Obtain automated calculations of both paid and unpaid time-off accruals and balances, and create multiple absence plans for different locations and employees.

Create leave policies and rules with Office 365 HRMS by Lanteria


Enable employees to request time off via a user-friendly self-service portal. Managers get notified by email and can approve requests online or via mobile app, making it a quick and seamless process.

Employee self service by Lanteria HR


Track the real-time statistics, and create reports on all attendance records, accruals and balances, so that workflows, compensations, rewards and salaries can be managed accordingly.

Reports and dashboards with SharePoint and Office 365 HR software


With Lanteria Mobile App you can work with the employee’s personal data and documents, request and approve absences, and use many other functions through your mobile device. Available both for iOS or Android.

Lanteria Mobile App to register, approve and track absences

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Project time tracking SharePoint solution by Lanteria

Time & Attendance Software – Why Do You Need It?

Imagine what it’s like to keep one employee’s profile updated: a manager has to spend a minimum of five minutes daily to complete the attendance record. Depending on the business size and the number of people employed, it can take the whole day.


Reasons to Choose Lanteria’s Automated Attendance and Leave Management System

  1. Focus on more meaningful tasks instead of performing monotonous work.
  2. Monitor employees’ presence and absence efficiently.
  3. Enhance business productivity by getting meaningful insights from the analytical reports.
  4. Reach all the HR-related data from one platform.
  5. Store all the information in one place  (with Lanteria, you can opt for cloud-based or on-premise solutions).
  6. Digitalize certain integrations with employees (allow a user to request a vacation or time off online).
  7. Set up policies for specific locations by analyzing the work and scheduling it appropriately.

What Lanteria’s Time and Attendance Tools Can Help Managers Do

With this data, you have a strong foundation for further human resource optimization. The reports generated by the tracking software shape the overall image of an employee and their devotion to work. This, in turn, has a direct correlation with the employee’s level of engagement and productivity within the organization.

An attendance and leave management system is a set of tools to learn meaningful insights about your workforce, allowing you to optimize the scope of your company’s costs.

Monitor Workplace Presence
Know when your employees start and finish their work.
Track and Approve Employees’ Vacation and Time Off
Get insight on who skips work more than others, and schedule vacation time with minimum process interferences.
Manage Worked Hours and Overtime
Track how much time, on average, every employee works and make appropriate adjustments.

Lanteria Time and Attendance Solutions – The Best Choice for Your HR Department

With a wide variety of HR and time tracking systems on the market, Lanteria and its time and attendance tracking software stand out because of the following features:

Comprehensive Analysis
With Lanteria, you can know how much time your employees devote not only to work but also to a particular project or task. With this in mind, you can organize an additional deployment of the workforce for complicated tasks.
Allow your employees to receive approval for time-off or vacation online. This will save you time and optimize the communication process.
Mobile Solution
For reasonable pricing, you get more than just time-track attendance software. With our mobile app, you can manage files and labor resources, even on-the-go. Nothing will disrupt your operations.

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