Industry solutions

Industry solutions

Human Capital Management for Technology companies

It is a challenging task to develop new, relevant products and deliver updated services in today's technology market, as it evolves rapidly and is constantly changing. That is why a skilled and high-performing workforce is the key factor for any technology company. You can support your organization with the right HCM tools adopted for technical industries. Lanteria HR will help you build a team with the right people, develop their skills, boost performance and improve collaboration.

Performance management

Maximize performance by setting & tracking clear goals, streamlining the approval process and increasing productivity of each employee and company as a whole.

Successful Training

Develop skills and competencies by planning and delivering targeted training programs customizable to your organization.

From Hire to Retire

Build a strong, reliable team by automating the entire process from interviewing to Onboarding, and eventually retirement or termination.

Easy Self Service

Increase employee engagement, save operational time & costs and improve collaboration within all branches of your organization.

Success Stories

  • SEGA

  • Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

  • Acronis

  • Moravia IT

Industry solutions

Human Capital Management solution for Finance companies

Finance and Insurance companies stay on the leading edge of an everchanging market. The evolution of technology in the business and finance industry requires reliable, customizable and modernized HRIS systems for a variety of reasons, including work- and people process manageability, control and auditing processes. In addition, Lanteria HR saves operational costs and reduces process lag times while enabling the Human Resource department to make informed and data-driven decisions. This allows for efficient managing of employee productivity, ensuring that you build and sustain top talent within the company.

Core HR

The Core HR Module provides access and control to employee records, including tracking of record changes, record version controls and audit trails. This reduces human error and the possibility of accidentally violating labor laws. This functionality perfectly aligns with the need for the controlling and auditing of workforce processes within the financial industry.

Time and Attendance

Provide transparent and automated time management and track employee absences without the risk of manual miscalculations and accidental oversight, something that is vital for finance companies. Automating Project time tracking helps manage personal efficiency and reduces operational costs.

Performance and Succession

Enable informed decisions regarding Employee performance. Allow the creation of structured and logical employee performance estimation, and a current and calculated employee retention and succession model. This functionality helps to increase the competitiveness of financial companies in the labor market.


Fill the skills gap and maximize the person-to-job match in the fast-changing and highly competitive market of financial professions.


Professional development and skills gap closure with automated self-services and learning budget control, keeps a high level of professionalism and educated financial workforce with current knowledge relevant to the evolving market.

Reporting and Analytics

Build custom reports based on the HR system data base. Enable informed decisions and simplify the tough choices of management for financial institutions by supporting them with data and analytics.

Self Service Portal

Allow employees to take ownership of their PTO Requests and help them manage and track documents and approvals through the Employee Self-Service Portal. Reduce operational costs and save time through process automation and provide transparency when appropriate, enhancing communication within the organization and reducing mistakes and incomplete employee files.

Mobile solution

Enable basic HR operations at any time on the go for busy finance employees with  Lanteria Mobile!

Success Stories

  • First Command Financial

  • Banka Sparkasse

  • Bank Art

  • Majedie Asset Management

  • Doha Insurance

  • Bahamas First Insurance

  • Evanston Capital

Industry solutions

Human Capital Management for Government organizations

In a world where manual input is becoming impossible to sustain, government organizations must upgrade to modern technology and digitalize their processes and procedures in order to stay current. Automation of Human Capital processes is a large and very important part of digitalization. HRIS solutions help automate the people data base as well as approval processes and workflow, in addition to providing manageable storage for documents. This enables metric-driven performance management and provides an accessible solution to manage Learning and Development.

Automated HR Processes and Workflows

Core HR solution significantly simplifies HR processes for government organizations, also saving administrative time with automated workflow and approval processes. Having a transparent, easily accessible and manageable database makes storing and working with employee data and company documents a simple and efficient process.

Learning and Development Planning

The Learning Management System is a very important module for government institutions because it eliminates the major waste of time and energy that is required to manually plan, track and review content for Learning & Development and manage learning plans for each employee. An additional benefit is that it also allows the user to manage training budgets with ease.

Smart Performance Management

More than most, government organizations need a modernized approach to measuring and managing employee's professional performance and skills. Considering the unique and costly training required for all government employees, keeping and retaining top talent, and helping them identify and plan their career is vital. The implementation of the Performance module enables smart and measurable performance management and succession planning.

Time and Attendance Tracking

Automating Time and Attendance allows government organizations to eliminate human error in the managing and reporting of employee timecard, absences and PTO requests. This significantly decreases time spent on administrative tasks and reduces overhead costs.

Reporting and Analytics

Reporting provides government institutions with a powerful tool that enables users to analyze employee performance, overall headcount statistics, learning data, and make informed decisions based on facts and analytics.

Easy Recruiting and Talent Management

Decrease administrative time for Recruiting at Governmental organizations with automated process and Applicant Self-Service portal. Improve candidate search and person-job match. Schedule interviews and tasks lists for hiring managers in the module and build a strong, efficient team, decreasing turnover right from the beginning.

Self Service Portal

Having a Self-Service Employee portal reduces administrative time and efforts and simplifies the entire HR process. The employees take ownership of their HR needs and the portal increases transparency across the organization by allowing employees access to their employee data, learning data and absence quota.

Success Stories


  • Idaho Department of Labor

  • Federal Aviation Association

  • San Francisco Housing Authority

  • City of Saskatoon

  • City of Tukwila

  • City of Hobart

  • Barossa Council ​​​​​​

  • Shire of Murray

  • Shire of Dardanup

Industry solutions

Human Capital Management solution for Education institutions

  • HRIS solutions for the Education sector sufficiently decrease administrative time and effort through the automation of HR processes, approvals and workflows. They cover education organization’s urgent need to manage multiple documents, providing them with document storage and the option to automate the tracking of documents.

  • LMS systems are also very important, providing an advanced, yet easy to use solution that allows users to manage the learning catalogue, plan trainings and track induvial learning plans, as well as training costs – a rich scope for affordable price!

  • Consistent Performance Management allows HR to measure people’s success and efficiency, and retain top talent for the organization at all times.

Automated HR Processes

The Core HR Module provides storage, and the ability to manage company documents and employee data. Automated workflow helps decrease operational time and effort, and reduces the risk of human error when handling manual approvals. Automating HR processes significantly simplifies Onboarding and Retirement procedures for Education institutions.

Learning management

LMS provides the ability to manage a huge learning catalogue, plan trainings and individualized learning plans while reducing time and effort scheduling, tracking and following up with individual employees. This is one of the most important HRIS modules, serving Educational organizations’ most urgent needs.

Success Stories

  • National College

  • National Judicial Institute

  • University of Oklahoma

  • Pearson Centre

Industry solutions

Human Capital Management for Healthcare Organizations

The healthcare industry has a unique set of challenges with Human Resource Management - insufficient time for administrative tasks, burdensome staffing & scheduling, and rigorous demands for continuing education, to name a few. In addition, the necessity to manage the performance and productivity of healthcare employees in an analytical manner, makes accountability and development a difficult task.

The Core HR Solution allows Lanteria to reduce the administrative task-load by automating approvals, workflows, and managing documents. Our Recruiting solution ensures that qualified, dependable people are caring for your patients. The Time and Attendance Solution navigates complicated schedules, feeds working time to payroll, and tracks absences and PTO requests. Automated Performance Management enables fair reviews, evaluations and continuous feedback to improve productivity. Last but not least, focus on employee development by implementing a Learning Management System, allowing supervisors to set development goals with access to learning results and certifications of individual employees. All of the modules feed data to one another for maximum efficiency.

Core HR functions

Core HR creates an employee database, manages organizational structure, stores documents and much more. In addition to automating approvals, this module allows user to create task reminders to automate various HR Processes (Onboarding, Termination etc.) that can be difficult to keep up with. Core HR significantly saves time, operational costs and reduces the risk of safety and policy violations.

Absence management

Since many healthcare companies require 24-hour staffing and have mandatory scheduling requirements, it is critical that Time and Attendance are properly managed at all times. Automating this facet of HR, allows employees to manage their own time-sheets and PTO requests, and provides managers with a realistic overview of employee availability and attendance patterns. This tool also calculates Absences and available PTO, all of which is visible to both the supervisor and the employee, enhancing transparency throughout the organization.

Learning and Development

Lanteria’s Learning Management System organizes development plans, schedules future training sessions, manages the company learning catalogue, calculates training budgets and more. Compliance trainings can be automated, and both short and long-term employee goal plans can be implemented and tracked. Can be used in sync with the Performance Module for maximum impact.

Performance and Succession

This module assists with reviews and assessments, both planned and on an ad-hoc basis, provides continuous feedback, and compares employee achievement to goals and competencies. Due to the high level of professionalism needed in healthcare, this area is a requirement to stay competitive on the market.


Automated Recruiting assists in sourcing top tier talent quickly, collecting candidate data and storing it in a workable database, schedule interviews, and measure internal or external candidates by ranking qualifications. Giving managers access to this tool allows them to make confident, informed decisions that will decrease turnover, safety issues and operational costs.

Reporting and Analytics

The Report Center builds reports based on linked lists, and obtains necessary analytics to make informed decisions in many different areas – e.g. Recruiting, Performance, Learning etc.

Self Service Portal

Let employees take personal responsibility for managing their timesheets and Paid Time Off Requests and save your HR department time and effort on mundane tasks with automated approval processes and workflows.

Mobile solution

Lanteria Mobile provides accessibility to manage basic HR tasks, especially Time Management, on the go from anywhere. This is very important for large Healthcare organizations with field employees.

Success Stories

  • Vestergaard

  • Gundersen TriState Ambulance

  • Middlesex-London Health Unit

  • Canadian Mental Health Association

  • Koomarri

  • LifeFlight


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