Lanteria HR for SharePoint, Version 4.4.110 - 01/30/2018

Core HR - Improvement - To avoid issues with big amounts of data, the Dashboard charts with horizontal bars display 12 bars and others become available upon scrolling.
Other - Improvement - The es2013custom.js and es2013custom.css files were removed from solution and added to the master content.
Time and Attendance - Issue fix - In the dynamic absences mode, if the Hide sickness details from manager check box is cleared, the managers can see the absence types if the Absence Schedule.
Time and Attendance - Improvement - In the Out of Office Calendar, the employee names are separated with the semicolon.
Learning - New functionality - When cancelling a development activity, an employee can specify the cancellation reason. Cancellation reasons the employees can choose from are set up under Settings > Settings and Configuration > Learning, Learning Catalog, the Advanced tab.
Other - Improvement - The redundant LHR - Carried Overs job has been removed.
Time and Attendance - New functionality - HR can set up vacation planning restrictions - periods when employees cannot book vacation. This can be done under Time & Attendance > Absence Lists > Vacation Restrictions.
Learning - Improvement - In training event appointment template, following placeholders can be used: {DevelopmentActivityId} {SiteURL}

Lanteria HR, Versions 4.4.107-4.4.109

Other - Issue fix - System updates from the version 4.4.55 or less can be installed without issues.
Other - Improvement - Additional accounts won't be added to the ES Employees user group upon a new employee creation or an employee record update.
Time and Attendance - Issue fix - The "-1" values are displayed correctly when exporting the Pending Absence Requests report.
Performance - Improvement - The layout of the Criteria and Level Descriptions displayed when viewing the competency details from the employee card has been improved.
Other - Issue fix - Quick link for the languages other than English are grouped correctly.
Core HR - Issue fix - The Employee Chart is exported to PDF in Mozilla Firefox correctly.
Other - Issue fix - The data export files are correctly processed by the export job.
Other - Issue fix - Lanteria HR is installed without issues
Core HR - Issue fix - The horizontal scroll bar is not displayed in the dashboards.

Lanteria HR, Version 4.4.106

Other - New functionality - The cache information will be changed to JSON object instead of list items. A new setting Cache Syncronization is available in the General Settings for saving the IDs of the deleted items. The IDs will be removed by the CleanData job after 30 days. Data for the following lists will be collected: Emploees, Departments, EmploymentHistory, JobPositions, JobRoles, TrainingEvents, LearningMaterials.
Core HR - Issue fix - Values of the Employee field of the Employee Sensitive Data list cannot be modified through the Quick Edit mode.
Other - Improvement - The Modidifed by field in the Version History displays the user account instead of System Account.
Core HR - Issue fix - If in the employee full name template, the middle name is after the last name, the full name of the employee is generated and displayed according to the template.
Time and Attendance - Improvement - The carried over days approval can be done using the Lanteria HR approval processes in the Dynamic Absences mode as well.
Core HR - New functionality - The user can set up the employee data anonymization, which includes the following:
- Employee full name will be changed to "Anonymized <ID>"
- All the field values in the Employees list will be cleaned based on the Employee Data Anonymization setting
- The version history for the Employees list will be removed
- All the fields in the Employee Sensitive Data list will be removed
- The version history for the Employees Sensitive Data list will be removed
Recruiting - Improvement - The Vacancy Details form now includes the Skills section that is synchronized to Applicant Self Service. The Intranet and Company Website check boxes has been removed and a new Job Publishing section has been added. 

Lanteria HR, Version 4.4.105

Time and Attendance - Improvement -The Hide sickness details from managers check box is selected by default. In the Absence Schedule, absence sub types will always be available to the HR and Local HR roles. Managers will be able to view subtypes in Absence Schedule if the Hide sickness details from managers check box is cleared.
Other - Improvement - The following dashboards are migrated to a new Kendo UI Chart engine:

- Company Overview
- Absences
- Goals
- Performance
- Learning
- Compensation

The users can choose whether the charts will be rendered using a new Kendo library or existing Microsoft Charts library.
Core HR - Improvement - The document types are ordered alphabetically when uploading employee and candidate documents.
Core HR - Improvement - The terminated employees are highlighted in the Employee Search page. 
Other - Issue fix - The web features can be activated from the system account without issues.
Performance - Issue fix - The employees can add new objectives during the performance review.

Lanteria HR, Version 4.4.104

Recruiting - Issue fix - The Interview form opens without issues in case the Interview Job Requirements list contains a lot items.
Recruiting - Issue fix - When creating an interview stage, the Job Opening field is hidden and populated automatically with the name of job opening the new stage is being created for.
Core HR - Issue fix - No extra icons are displayed for the Edit and Save buttons of the approval request items.
Time and Attendance - Issue fix - After clicking a number in the Timesheet Report to view the timesheet records behind, the records are displayed in the pop-up window without errors. If the number of records exceeds 1,000, the list is displayed in the export mode.
Core HR - Issue fix - The values in the Employee Salary Details form are updated right after changing the employee salary.
Time and Attendance - Improvement - In the Timesheet Report, the Include Terminated Employees check box is selected by default.
Performance - Improvement - The score calculation for the quantitative objectives with the best value set to Less has been changed as follows:

- If Threshold = 0 
   - If Actual <= Target then Score = 100%
   - Otherwise Score = 0%
- If Threshold = Target then Score = 0%
- Otherwise
   - If Actual >= Threshold then Score = 0%
   - If Actual >= Max then Score = (Threshold - Actual)/(Threshold-Target)
   - Otherwise Score = (Threshold - Max)/(Threshold-Target)

Report Builder - Issue fix - When creating a report in the Report Builder, if the Employees list is selected as the base list, the fields from the Employee Salary Details are available for selection. 
Time and Attendance - Issue fix - In dynamic absence mode, after an employee requests approval of the timesheet records for some period, the period status is changed to Pending and is formatted with yellow. 
Performance - Issue fix - If the Disable Return Back check box is cleared for the workflow step, the Return to previous responsible option is available for HR/Local role.
Core HR - New functionality - The Employee Sensitive Data list is available for storing the employee data. The list is available to HR only. The data is displayed in the encrypted mode.
Time and Attendance - Issue fix - If the Notes field is required for the timesheet records, the LHR - Timesheets Job handles the records where an employee used Clock In and didn't click Clock Out correctly.
Time and Attendance - Improvement - The carried over days approval can be done using the Lanteria HR approval processes.
Core HR - Issue fix - When setting up the HR process step with the Fill Form action type, it is not mandatory to specify the editable fields.
Time and Attendance - Improvement - Leave balance will be recalculated in case of the changes of the employee work pattern. Recalculation will be performed if the Calculate Annual Leave Based On Employment History setting is set to yes. Please note that the setting is added upon customer's request by the implementation engineer.