Release Notes

Lanteria HR for SharePoint, Version 4.4.117 - 04/25/2018

Performance - Issue fix - If an appraiser is included in more than one group (for example, Managers and Peers), the status of the assessment is displayed correctly in the 360 Feedbacks page.
Other - Improvement - In the System Jobs page, the jobs are displayed with the job name only and without the unique identifier.
Performance - Improvement - The competencies in the Assessment 360 Result Report are displayed by groups and according to the competency name.
Core HR - Improvement - A new setting can be used to define which employee information is to be displayed under the name in the employee search pages and charts.
Other - Improvement - A group of settings for managing the integration options has been added. 
Other - Issue fix - The calendar for the date selection is displayed correctly even if the application is not hosted within the root site collection.
Core HR, Recruiting - Improvement - When an employee or candidate is automatically created/updated (by means of integration or Candidate Self-Service), the name is generated based on the full name template.

Lanteria HR for SharePoint, Version 4.4.116 - 04/18/2018

Time and Attendance - Issue fix - Special rules allowance is calculated correctly now.
Time and Attendance - New functionality - Absences can be accrued based on the service date now (typically, the end date of the trial period). The users can specify service date for an employee, as well as set up the absence plan to start accruing absences from this date. When creating the absence allowance calculation rules and extra days rules, the users can choose Length of Service as the calculation type.
Other - Issue fix - Azure AD Photo Integration Job works without issues.
Core HR - Issue fix - When editing the HR process descriptions, the processes are saved correctly.
Core HR - Issue fix - The users can work with the Fill Form HR process actions.
Learning - Improvement - When searching the learning materials by competencies in the learning catalogue, only active competencies are displayed.
Learning - Improvement - Implementation of deleting the learning material documents has been optimized.
Time and Attendance - Improvement - In the Timesheet report, when viewing details for a specific date, the date format is displayed based on the user locale.
Recruiting - Issue fix - In the environments with configured Candidate Self-Service, the Local HR users can create job openings without issues.
Learning - Issue fix - The Add Group and Edit Group buttons of the Learning Group Management page are available for the Training Manager, Local TM, Local HR and custom role.
Learning - Improvement - Learning material description is displayed as rich text. 
Compensation - Improvement - When exporting the Salary Sheet report, there is no limit for the number of exported columns.
Core HR - Improvement - Employee documents and any custom document libraries will be available for the custom roles if the Local HR record is created for employees with such roles (Local HR role is not required).
Learning - Issue fix - The required prerequisites are taken into account for the Quiz learning materials.
Compensation - Improvement - Filtering by company is available for the Salary Breakdown dashboard.
Compensation - Improvement - The Salary Sheet filter labels related to the currency selections have been improved.
Other - Improvement - After updating the records in the Local HRs list, the permissions will be updated accordingly.

Lanteria HR for SharePoint, Version 4.4.115 - 04/04/2018

Recruiting - Issue fix - Candidate education and work history records are created correctly now, also when some date fields are optional and empty.
Time and Attendance - Issue fix - Absence allowance is calculated correctly with Absence Accrual Rules for Seniority/Age Range Transition set to 2 - Apply next rule for the entire accrual period.
Recruiting - Issue fix - If candidate that is deleted from Lanteria HR is applying for a vacancy, a candidate will be recreated in the candidate database.
Time and Attendance - Issue fix - Managers with more than 100 subordinates can generate the My Team Timesheet report without issues.
Time and Attendance - Issue fix - Dates in the Timesheet Report are displayed according to the date format settings.
Recruiting - Improvement - If any errors occur when processing the candidate through the Candidate Self-Service, HR Group receives correct notification with error explanation.
Learning - Improvement - In the Employee Training Budgets Report, if there are no active budgets for the selected date, the No results found message is displayed.
Learning - Improvement - If any employees are assigned more than one budget for the same period, notification will be sent to HR / Training Manager informing about the amounts allocated and rules that intersect.
Time and Attendance - Issue fix - Redundant menu doesn't display in the Adjust Allowance form while working in the Dynamic Absence mode.
Other - Issue fix - The prompt to scroll for more records, which is relevant for the vertical barcharts only, is not displayed for the Dashboard piecharts.
Learning - Issue fix - The Generate Certificate Job generates certificates without issues.
Time and Attendance - Issue fix - When employees are registering absences, the date and time in the confirmation message are correct.
Core HR - New functionality - The users can define the maximum file size allowed for uploading. If the document being uploaded exceeds the maximum size, an error message will be displayed.
Learning - Improvement - Now it is possible to attach multiple e-learning materials (or links) to a particular course. The employees assigned to the course can download the attachments from the development plan.

Lanteria HR for SharePoint, Version 4.4.114 - 03/12/2018

Core HR - Improvement - HR can terminate employees with the status Inactive.
Time and Attendance - Issue fix - When the user selects a future date in the Employee Absence Summary page, the number of carried over days is forecasted correctly.
Other - Issue fix - The web features are activated without issues if the menu items are to be created for the inactive menu sections. 
Time and Attendance - Issue fix - The redundant menu has been removed from the Adjust Allowance form.
Other - Issue fix - If the number of horizontal barcharts in the dashboards is less than 7, the charts are displayed without the layout issues.
Performance - Issue fix - Formatting in the competency description (rich text) is displayed correctly when assessing the competencies.
Time and Attendance - Improvement - The employee timesheet records in the Timesheet Approval Management > Details are sorted by date.
Performance - Improvement - The View All Probation Reviews label has been added to the Resources\ES.resx file so that it can be properly localized.
Performance - Issue fix - If the performance review workflow includes responsible persons that cannot be identified by the system (for example, additional manager role is responsible for the step and the employee doesn't have any additional manager), the review form is assigned to HR and notification to the HR group is sent out.
Core HR - Improvement - The Number of Employees by Month chart of the Company Overview dashboard by default displays data for each month of the rolling year. 
Learning - New functionality - Training budgets can be allocated for the employees. When the employees are assigned to the trainings that have cost defined, this cost is deducted from the budget amount. The report on the allocated budgets and budget balance is available.

Lanteria HR for SharePoint, Version 4.4.113 - 03/14/2018

Learning - Issue fix - Custom fields can be added to the Training Schedule form.
Performance - Issue fix - When creating an ad-hoc review, the date selection calendar works without issues.
Core HR - Issue fix - The documents with special French symbols are downloaded with correct titles in Internet Explorer and Firefox.
Other - Issue fix - The number of bards displayed in the Kendo dashboard charts has been decreased to 10 to resolve the layout issues.
Core HR - Improvement - In the HR Processes page, the process title will be displayed instead of the process template name for the processed started manually (with the Autostart field set to None).
Core HR - Issue fix - When generating the employee documents, the default values for the Employee Documents library fields are inherited in the generated document properties.
Core HR - Improvement - The job description for each job position can be opened from the Positions Chart.