Lanteria HR for SharePoint, Version 24.1.3 - 25/03/2024

Core HR - Issue fix - Fixed an issue with the approval process setting not working if several process settings existed for the same list and the extra process settings were deleted. Also, if a list is deleted and there is approval process setting for it, such process setting will be deactivated.

Core HR – Improvement - For the conditional workflows, it is now possible to create conditions based on two different fields. The user will set up the condition priority.

Report Center – Improvement - Layout of the Report Center reports has been improved (duplicated report heading removed).

Performance - Issue fix - Fixed an issue with sending the cumulative check-in reminders (check-in updates overview).

Other - Issue fix - Fixed an issue with the Diagnostics Information page error that occurred due to incorrect maximum file size calculation.

Other – Improvement - Tasks Requiring my Action will be displayed according to purchased license (the irrelevant module tasks won’t be displayed).

Other – Improvement - The Customer Feedback button is now available from the Lanteria HR toolbar enabling the customers to give their opinion on the product and services.

Other – Improvement - All the tasks from Tasks Requiring My Action (both current and historical ones) are now available from the report.

Learning - Issue fix - Fixed an issue with the Mark Complete button being available for the expired development activities.

Core HR - Issue fix - Fixed the outdated Department label on the Employee Dates report.

Time and Attendance – Improvement - The color legend has been added to the Out of Office Calendar.

Recruiting, Other – Improvement - It is now possible to use the candidate and employee first name in the letter templates.