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Successful talent acquisition using recruitment automation

Recruiting is an extremely important function of Human Resources, as it directly impacts the overall success of the company. Today’s job market is known to be inconsistent, with changes occurring quickly and without notice. When considering the evolution of technology, continued education, updated policies and procedures and turnover rates for younger job seekers, a company’s survival could depend on their ability to recruit a strong, loyal and adaptable workforce.

Human Resource departments face many challenges with the recruiting aspect of building and sustaining a team, one of... [Continue reading...]

SharePoint Conference 2019 was a blast!

Here's something about the SharePoint & Microsoft 365 Conference that you need to know:

The SharePoint & Microsoft 365 Conference is the world's biggest and most comprehensive event empowering you to achieve more in the modern workplace with Microsoft 365.

The SharePoint & Microsoft 365 Conference is the where business leaders, IT pros, developers, consultants come together to learn how technology can power teamwork, employee engagement and communications, and organizational effectiveness.

The SharePoint & Microsoft 365 Conference features the best of... [Continue reading...]

5 components of the modern performance management

Tech Supports Human Efficiency

Performance is a key area of focus when managing human capital, and one that becomes more challenging when interfacing with multiple businesses, new technology, social pressures, workplace dynamics and individual personalities.

Modern business requires a dedicated, motivated and highly professional workforce, that will share company values, reinforce the mission statement and act as company advocate both on the job, and in social settings.

In order to retain motivated employees, a company needs frequent performance reviews and a... [Continue reading...]

Continuous Employee Recognition and Feedback

At Lanteria HR, we constantly monitor modern trends with the intention to implement new and exciting features that make our product better for you. Thus, we have been looking for a simple and effective way of managing employee recognition and feedback in Lanteria HR.

In our latest update, we have rolled out a new feature called Employee Feedback. We believe this functionality will be a great addition to performance reviews and 360 Feedback reviews as they perfectly complement each other. What Employee Feedback allows you to do is enable your employees to give feedback to each other... [Continue reading...]

360 Reviews with external responders (Customers, Partners and Vendors)

When you organize a 360 Feedback Review round in Lanteria HR, sometimes you want to involve not only colleagues within your organization, but also external reviewers, such as customers, partners, and vendors. Previously it wasn’t possible to take part in a 360 Feedback review if you were not a Lanteria HR user. We have expanded the 360 Feedback functionality to enable external reviewers to be involved in 360 Feedback reviews as well.

To achieve this goal, we have introduced the concept of custom reviewer groups, which may be of two types:

Internal – These custom reviewer groups... [Continue reading...]