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Manage and track Covid-19 vaccination with a new tool by Lanteria HR

Manage and track Covid-19 vaccination with a new tool by Lanteria HR

In recent years world faced dramatic changes due to Covid-19. Now, as it recovers from the pandemic and people slowly return to the offices, vaccination tracking became essential for most businesses.

As Lanteria HR always aimed to simplify HR managers' tasks, it provides tools to track Covid-19 vaccination and testing status inside the organization and stay compliant.

Today, within Lanteria HR, employees can upload their vaccination documents directly to the HRIS so that the HR team can see immunization status across the company.

The HR team can track the following...

Lanteria stands firmly in support of Ukraine

Lanteria stands firmly in support of Ukraine

As millions of people around the world, we are devastated by the War in Ukraine. For Lanteria’s team, this humanitarian crisis caused by the Russian invasion is a personal tragedy, as one of our offices is located in Ukraine’s capital - Kyiv. Since day one, we have closely monitored the situation and have launched a number of initiatives to keep our Ukrainian team and their loved ones safe.

Lanteria’s position is clear and firm: we stand in solidarity with Ukraine against this unlawful act of aggression. The people of Ukraine are in our thoughts and we will continue providing them...

Everything You Need to Know About Competency Management

Competency Management: The Secret Ingredient to Success in 2022

The competition for top-tier talent is fierce. Employers must not only optimize their recruitment processes in order to attract the best personnel as quickly as possible, but they must also implement an effective competence management system in order to manage employee growth.

We’ll discuss what competency management is in detail in the following article — and we’ll give a few pointers on how to maximize your competency management plan.

What Is Competency Management?

First, let's understand what...

Recruitment in a Post-COVID World: Change Is Coming

Recruitment in a Post-COVID World: Change Is Coming

What Awaits the World of Talent Acquisition?

The physical office is quickly becoming a thing of the past, and new theories and practices are quickly taking the stage, leaving professionals with little time to adjust to them or implement the changes.

Change is happening in every sphere of human resource management — including talent acquisition. In this article, we will tell you about what the future might hold for recruiters and recruitment tactics. Read on to make the most out of the situation and lead your company through a strong and stable 2022!

Make Way for...

Technical Writer Job Description

Technical writers, also known as technical communicators, develop articles and guides to explain technical concepts in a more understandable way to end-users. They work with other writers and inside business partners, like product managers and software development engineers, to plan, help with content development and quality governance, and write content for its ecosystem.

What Does a Technical Writer Do?

Technical writers are responsible for preparing instruction manuals and articles with the primary purpose of making complicated, technical material more easily...

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