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Jobs for Pregnant Women: Top Work-From-Home Options

Life is unpredictable. Sometimes, fate tests our limits to know what we are capable of. For example, what should a woman with high-risk pregnancy do if she has bills to pay? She doesn't have anyone who can take care of her, but she can't go to work as she needs to lie down a lot.

The best solution in such a scenario is to work from home, of course. Luckily, it's hardly a challenge in 2021. On the contrary, with the growing popularity and increasing penetration of telecommuting, pregnant women can easily find a dream job from home. Moreover, more and more companies allow switching to... [Continue reading...]

The Semi-Structured Interview: Definition, Benefits, Requirement

Conducting an interview is an essential part of recruitment: it’s vital to assess the candidate correctly to exclude the risk of a bad hire in the future. There are many types of interviews. In this article, we will elaborate on a semi-structured interview.

So, what is a semi-structured interview? It’s a type of interview in which the interviewer doesn’t stick to a rigid plan. Instead of asking all the questions, the interviewer prefers open or general questions to let the conversation evolve independently.

How Does the Process Go?

To carry out a semi-structured... [Continue reading...]

How to Get and Provide Your Entire Employment History

When applying for a job, you might have come across a request to submit your complete work history. Sometimes this is outlined directly in an application, and other times it’s something you can include on your resume.

Prospective employers are asking for your job history to gauge your relevant work experience. While many employers are only interested in recent or related experiences, a select amount like a draft of all the details.

It sounds daunting, but fortunately, you don’t have to rattle it all off the top of your head. Keep reading to understand what employers are... [Continue reading...]

How to Create and Use a Resume Outline

Creating a resume outline or a blueprint for your resume may be hard to master if you have never dealt with it before. After completing the article, you will know how to create a stunning resume outline that will appeal to employers.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Outlining Resumes

The ultimate purpose of the resume outline is to mark out the key vectors of your future resume. The document serves as a foundation in which you are collecting the necessary information.

What to include and what to exclude is a matter of personal choice. However, you should make the final decision... [Continue reading...]

Cover Letter vs. Resume: Main Differences


What's the Difference Between a Cover Letter and a Resume?

When you are applying for a job, you need to provide both a well-structured resume and a cover letter. While both are supposed to describe your work experience, qualifications, and hard and soft skills, the two documents have different purposes and not always equally important to an employer.

That being said, a resume and a cover letter require different approaches, which is what we are going to focus on in this article.

What a Resume Includes

Let's start with a resume since it is the document... [Continue reading...]