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Why You Should Invest in HR Outsourcing

Why You Should Invest in HR Outsourcing

What Is HR Outsourcing?

Your HR department oversees a lot of tasks in your company. There are times that the demands of the department are much higher than the labor output available. This is when Human Resource Outsourcing (HRO) comes into the picture. 

HR outsourcing is assistance you ask from an outside supplier of HR. This help is usually about the management of some of the work put into your HR department. HRO is a service provider that aids the department in finishing HR tasks on time and avoiding delays in your company's productivity.

How Does HR Outsourcing...

Everything You Need to Know About Indirect Compensation

A Guide to Indirect Compensation

A Guide to Indirect Compensation

Everyone needs to earn an income. To survive in society, we need to eat. For that, we need money. And to have money, we have to work. However, money is only one of the very few rewards we should strive towards and be open to. 

What else is there besides money, you ask? Well, we have the answer! In this article, we will take a look at the concept of indirect compensation, what kinds of indirect compensations there are, and what the advantages of indirect compensation are. It promises to be an intriguing read, so let’s jump in without further...

How a Skills Gap Can Destroy Your Business

How a Skills Gap Can Destroy Your Business

Employers tend to complain a lot that they can’t find the right person for the job, even if they receive a dozen fresh resumes every day. The reason why they are refusing to hire any of the applicants is that those potential employees do not meet employers’ expectations, or, in other words, there is a skills gap.

“Skill gap” is a term that describes the difference between the skills needed for a particular job, as demonstrated by the job ad, and the skills a potential employee can actually offer. A skills gap is often the reason why a worker cannot perform the complete job. But how...

Everything You Need to Know About Virtual Mentoring

Everything You Need to Know About Virtual Mentoring

There is no denying that the ongoing Covid pandemic has changed the way office work, well, works. People, instead of grinding away at their daily nine to fives, now have to work from home. This has led to no loss of productivity and provides a way more comfortable way to work. 

However, this has come with its own set of challenges. When a new employee joins the workplace, they are most often paired with a mentor who shows them the ropes. The mentee learns the way of the office and brings any and all doubts to their assigned mentor, and together, they work things out. 


Create an Excellent Employee Attendance Policy and Procedure

Create Your Own Employee Attendance Policy

Tracking your employees’ attendance helps you give credit to punctuality while simultaneously carrying out disciplinary actions when needed. Tardiness and absences affect the company’s working force and consequently impact performance and operation. Instead of having an efficient working environment, a bad attendance record would cause delays in work production. 

Having an employee attendance policy and procedure will guide you and your employees on the demerits of tardiness and absences. This will be a kick start for your company to learn about attendance policy and improve your...

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