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A Comprehensive Guide to Strategic Human Resource Management

A Comprehensive Guide to Strategic Human Resource Management

What Is Strategic Human Resource Management (SHRM)?

Strategic human resource management, often abbreviated to SHRM, is a relatively new field in the HR industry and branches from the parent discipline of Human Resource Management. SRHM provides a structure that bridges the gap between people management and the practices developed to meet long-term business goals and objectives. SHRM is seen to go beyond traditional HR strategies and has a wider reach throughout an organization.

SHRM primarily focuses on proactive planning of resources within the context of an organization's...

All About the American Staffing Association

All About the American Staffing Association

What Is the American Staffing Association (ASA)?

If you are an HR professional in America, then you have probably heard of the American Staffing Association. If you haven't – then it's time to get acquainted. Don't worry; we've got you covered. This article serves to introduce you to the ASA.

The ASA, also known as the American Staffing Association, is an association that aims to foster all things regarding staffing, recruiting, and workplace solutions. The ASA and its state affiliates advocate for the advancement of research and education across all sectors in the industry....

Everything You Need to Know About a Blended Workforce

Everything You Need to Know About a Blended Workforce

What Is a Blended Workforce?

The pandemic has forever changed the way the office works. The working from home culture has made a paradigm shift that conventional office culture will never truly recover from. All things considered, that is a good thing, as conventional office culture needed to change. 

In fact, it was on the cusp of change when the pandemic forced everyone’s hand. Companies were looking into other strategies and deciding on what to do and where to go. One of the novel ideas being thrown around was the possibility of a blended workforce. In this article, we...

Probationary Arrangements - What Are They, and When Are They Necessary?

What Is A Probationary Period?

There are two types of people in the world that could be on probation: those who are trying to avoid prison and those trying to avoid getting dismissed from a job. The commonality in both these groups of people is that they will undergo a period of scrutinization where their behaviors and performance are monitored and recorded for final analysis and evaluation.

However, a probationary arrangement for the latter is far less intense and can be mutually beneficial for both parties involved - employers and employees! 

In this article, we shall discuss the details of a...

Everything You Need to Know About Pareto Charts

Everything You Need to Know About Pareto Charts

What Is a Pareto Chart?

In an increasingly data-driven world, getting savvy with analytics has become the best way to tackle HR problems. There are many ways to represent and analyze data collected to gain insight into company progress and identify factors that are hindering it. A simple yet effective way is to use a Pareto chart. 

A Pareto chart is a diagram that combines a bar chart and a line graph to display frequency data. It is an analysis tool used to help assess quality control problems and identify areas needing improvement to reduce these problems. Pareto charts are...

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