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How AI Technology Can Boost Your Recruitment Strategy

How AI Technology Can Boost Your Recruitment Strategy

Did you know that artificial intelligence (AI) is predicted to replace a large number of HR jobs during the next decade? What is it about AI that is allowing businesses to grow so quickly?

Artificial intelligence has a bigger impact on business than ever before, affecting practically every industry's business operations. Human resources and recruitment are two areas of the major where AI is aiding businesses across different industries. Read on to learn how AI technology is changing the recruitment process!

Latest Recruiting Trends That Use AI

The atmosphere of...

How to Build an Effective LMS in Microsoft SharePoint

Whenever you need to hire a new employee, you need to provide them with full onboarding training, so they can start their work as soon as possible and be fully prepared.

Depending on how well this training is built and developed, your new hires will either have a hard time figuring out how to deal with new responsibilities, or they will start showing great results from the first days of work.

Of course, the more time it takes for a new employee to get used to their role, the more money the organization loses, and the riskier the new hire’s position becomes. That’s why a good...

Application Developer Job Description

An application developer is a computer engineer who produces, tests, programs, and maintains applications for a certain device, such as a mobile phone or a web browser and a specific operating system. Usually, application developers specialize in one type of development, such as mobile phone apps or ioS. 

What Does the Application Developer Do?

Application developers are in charge of converting software requirements into executable code. Their primary responsibility is to comprehend client needs and how they relate to new application features. They also collaborate with the...

BI Developer Job Description

A business intelligence developer is an engineer responsible for creating, installing, and maintaining business intelligence interfaces. These include query tools, data visualization, interactive dashboards, ad hoc reporting, and data modeling tools.

What Does a BI Developer Do?

A business intelligence (BI) developer creates strategic and financial intelligence to assist in strategic decision-making by creating reporting systems. A BI developer's primary responsibility is to create, deploy, and maintain BI tools and interfaces. They're also in charge of translating highly...

Technical Architect Job Description

Technical architects work with business clients to develop, build, and maintain IT systems. They manage the design and execution of IT systems and function as a link between a company's technical and business sections.

What Does a Technical Architect Do?

Technical architects oversee projects from beginning to end, serve as a critical link between management and design and development teams, and contribute to overall IT plans and goals. They're also in charge of planning the structure of new technology systems, supervising planning and implementation, and coordinating with the...

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