Leave Management Software

Lanteria HR software contains an easy-to-use leave management system that can transform the way you administer absence policies and processes.

With Lanteria’s leave management solution, you can eliminate all manual processes and merge them all conveniently into one platform – saving you time, effort, and money!

How much can I save with Lanteria?

Effectively monitor and automate the necessary complex processes involved with employee time off planning by integrating a customizable leave management software.

Lanteria was made to cater to all your HR needs, and our organization chart builder is among the very important tools we have to offer. It was built to be used by HR managers in medium to large firms because they have a lot to do already.

Out of Office calendar with employee details.

Create a global dashboard for offices in different regions

Observe real-time absences and plan for multiple vacations and time-off requests. The shared calendar can be viewed by both employees and managers, making complex scheduling straightforward and uncomplicated. The absence calendar can be used to assess and forecast future workforce needs, boosting employee performance and productivity.


Define custom leave policies and rules

Obtain automated updates on accruals and balances for all employees. All calculations are tailored according to your PTO policy. Configuration can also be made to ensure all time-off requests comply with local, state, and federal laws. Enforce contractual policies and adhere to laws instantly to prevent errors and minimize business risks.

Employee absence request and schedule.
Employee leave management dashboard

Automate the time-off approval process

Provide full transparency to all employees about their paid and unpaid time off entitlement. Allow employees to submit time-off requests using the employee dashboard. Requests can be made for a range of different absence types.

Aside from paid time off, the leave management software is also equipped to deal with unpaid time off, sick leave, maternity leave, vacation time, personal days, and many other absence types. The flexibility of the self-service feature simplifies and expedites the process by routing requests directly to decision-makers. Managers are notified by email, which can be accessed via any online device. Process requests whenever convenient or quickly verify requests with a click or tap of a button. Senior staff can also authorize their own time off requests.


Analyze employee attendance

Generate real-time statistics to monitor and create reports. Gain accurate and useful insights into employee attendance, discover potential trends, and handle absenteeism issues swiftly. Make data-driven decisions to optimize workforce needs, boost employee morale, and meet the needs to achieve company objectives.

Overview of company's absence statistics
Lanteria HR: Employee dashboard with details, approvals, and absence requests.

Reduce the time for approval from days to seconds

The handy Lanteria mobile app is compatible with all mobile devices for both iOS and Android operating systems. Installation is quick and easy. In just minutes, you will have access to a fully functional mobile version of the software, allowing you to oversee all leave management processes wherever you are!

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Say farewell to emails, spreadsheets, and repetitive piles of paper forms. Streamline all leave management processes by allowing automation to do the bulk of the work. Once you try our employee leave management system, you won’t believe how you lived without it!
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