Employee Onboarding Software

When you use Lanteria HR to welcome new members of your workforce onboard, you are ensuring that their first days at the company will be easier, more intuitive, meaningful, and altogether better.

What Can Lanteria HR’s Employee Onboarding System Do?

Managers can complete hiring workflows faster, eliminating paperwork.
Automatically send out checklists, welcome emails, and notifications to starters, streamlining the entire onboarding process for both managers and newcomers.
Gather e-signatures through a DocuSign’s integration with a Lanteria HR system.
Set up custom onboarding and offboarding workflows to suit your company’s unique needs.
And more!

Say goodbye to time-consuming, tedious onboarding management – and hello to a streamlined, resource-saving solution!

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Why Do New Hires Love Automated Employee Onboarding Software?

They Are Less Likely to Be Overwhelmed

Automated platforms can release modules on a set schedule while also tracking progress and assigning milestones. You can give new hires tasks in bite-sized chunks, rather than all at once.

The Process Is Consistent for Every Starter

There is no imbalance where one new hire receives a great experience while another has a hurried overview.

The Tools Are Empowering

With an automated system, new hires and managers can facilitate and complete tasks on their own time.

Build Comprehensive Onboarding Experiences

What sets Lanteria HR apart from other employee onboarding systems?

Any HR manager can build their onboarding workflow just how they like it. We understand that every company has its own requirements for onboarding processes, which is why we placed such a high priority on making our new employee onboarding software highly customizable.

What Lanteria’s Customization Tools Enable

Our customization tools allow you to design onboarding steps that will guarantee all necessary tasks are completed, all mandatory information is collected, and a phenomenal candidate experience is facilitated.

Create onboarding workflows and HR processes that meet all your needs
Develop customized, fillable e-forms in a few clicks
Lanteria onboarding benefits
Benefits of Automated Employee Onboarding Process Software
Quicker, more effective onboarding solutions are directly correlated with improved job loyalty and employee engagement.
You can provide the fastest, easiest experience for new hires.
You will see a huge improvement in employee retention metrics.
So, what can you automate? These, and more:
Tracking new hire meetings
Keying in employee data
Monitoring the employee onboarding process and reviewing gathered data
Assessing new hires
Allocating training courses and ensuring compliance

Provide Remote Onboarding

The global workforce is making a strong shift towards remote work – in the U.S. alone, nearly half of the population is working from home. As our freelance and gig economy continues to develop, it is imperative to use a tool that facilitates remote onboarding.

Lanteria Remote Onboarding
What Can You Do Remotely?
With Lanteria HR, managers get access to a wide array of mobile workforce management tools.
Remote employees can access their onboarding workflow through Self-Service Portals.
Lanteria HR mobile app makes it easier to keep an eye on the necessary starter’s steps and collect all documents faster.
It is now possible to create a welcoming atmosphere for your new hires, no matter when or where they are accessing the system.

Get Automated Onboarding Solutions That Work for You

Are you ready to help your new hires feel included and valued from the very moment they accept your job offer? With the onboarding capabilities of Lanteria HR, you can share onboarding workflows with new members of your workforce – they will love the ease-of-use and the flexibility that our tools entail.

Lanteria HR Meets Your Needs

Lanteria HR onboarding tools will:
Help your new hires understand what to expect
Set up a paperless onboarding process
Collect and store sensitive employee data in a secure database
Use DocuSign capabilities to sign electronic documents
Help your onboarding workforce transition to productive, loyal, and engaged employees.

Are you ready to learn how Lanteria HR can automate your onboarding processes, improve your employee retention rate, and free up time for HR managers?
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