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Use human resources reports and charts to get actual value from your data. Compile your data in easy-to-build custom HR dashboards that help you make the most informed decisions for your organization’s future
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40+ comprehensive Human Resource Reports and Charts are available out of the box and can be exported into PDF, Word, and Excel formats. Secure sensitive data with role-based permissions for HR and managers.


Designed for business users, no technical skills needed. Easily aggregate data with tables and fields, add user-defined filters, groupings and totals. Custom reports can be stored for future use and shared with other users.


Get overall company and HR statistics at a glance. Monitor expiring and missing documents from employee files. Track real-time attendance data throughout your company. Monitor progress of performance review cycles in real time. Access training statistics with a single click.


Utilize business intelligence and analytics for executives, managers and HR with Microsoft Power BI and Lanteria HR data.

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OSM Maritime Group
Lanteria HR is a superb, easy to use HR system. As OSM is not an “out of the box” company we’ve had to have some assistance from Lanteria to adjust the system to fit our needs, and even with adjustments it works perfectly. There’s never a “No, can’t be done” when contacting Lanteria, in most occasions all is done accordingly to request. If not possible to achieve at the time being, suggestions for alternatives is always presented. Communication and cooperation with Lanteria receives level A from our side.
No'omi-Ann Berge Acosta, HR Partner
OSM Maritime Group