An HR platform that provides insight for executives

Easily visualize data and analytics with an all-in-one HR solution that makes for better company planning and decision-making.

Invest in your people and secure your business with Lanteria

A platform for efficient, effective, accurate HR 

Consolidate data, automate time-consuming HR tasks, and provide employee self-service options to keep information up to date.

Engaged employees = strong company culture

Share company goals and KPIs, create a feedback loop with employees, and make organizational changes that matter.

Secure your data and your business future.

Ensure business compliance by keeping employee records private with a system backed with the highest Microsoft security standards.

Seeing the bigger picture has never been easier

Give HR the tools for easy reporting and insight into your people metrics

Employee profile of Leslie Pena with general details and organizational units chart.

Tools that make your HR team more efficient and effective

The core of your business is your people, not your products. Give HR a platform to streamline processes and free up time for more strategic initiatives with your people vs. just pushing papers. Lanteria consolidates your data, keeps it secure, and offers reports and insights to make your business more agile.

Gain insight into employee experience and understand what makes your people thrive

With features for employee feedback, 360 reviews, and employee check-ins, Lanteria gives you the tools to understand your people and build a workplace that attracts and retains top talent.

Lanteria Performance Review interface
Lanteria Dashboard UI with employee metrics, Leslie Pena's profile, and organization chart.

Use data insights to your advantage

While traditional HR needs days to cross- reference interactions, evaluations, and changes, Lanteria can show you in seconds. Access critical data that shows you what you’re doing today, what you’ve done before, and what you should be doing now to optimize your business.

Secure data so you (and your IT team) can sleep better at night

Managing employee records and confidential HR data in spreadsheets and disparate systems is a recipe for disaster. Lanteria offers a highly secure system - on-prem or in the cloud - that helps businesses meet compliance requirements for secure data storage.

“Lanteria is helping us get our HR functions more organized. Because we already had SharePoint it was a good solution for HR-related matters. Lanteria HR helps us care for our employees so that we can all focus on our mission. It is already giving us a competitive advantage by helping us organize our rapid growth.”

Ralph Burleson,
Chairman of the Board, GeoCapital

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