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8 HR Tech Trends in 2024 That Will Revolutionize How We Work

8 HR Tech Trends in 2024 That Will Revolutionize How We Work

What will HR teams do more of this year? Read it all in this article about the HR tech trends to expect in 2024.

As you must have noticed, some of the HR tech trends that characterized 2023 have not left the scenes as far as businesses and human resource teams are concerned. For example, trends like hybrid work models, employee experience, and pay equity are still hot issues for many employees and their employers today.

That’s why in some of the predictions made by different professionals, analysts, and researchers in the HR field, we’re still seeing some of those HR tech trends make a comeback in 2024.

Before moving on to our prediction of which HR tech trends will take center stage this year, take a look at Figure 7.1 below to see a roundup of the top 4 predictions by 6 of the industry’s top analysts.

In the figure above, you’ll see that almost everyone agrees that generative AI will play a role in shaping the future of HR tech; however, the broad adoption of AI still has a way to go. If we describe 2023 as the year that gen AI tested its wings of usefulness for businesses, then 2024 will be the year of upskilling for HR professionals to identify and adequately use AI in their day-to-day duties.

After speaking with other HR professionals, analyzing LinkedIn conversations by employees and HR pros, and dissecting the responses of C-level executives in reports which include the PwC Annual Global CEO survey and the Edelman Trust Barometer, we’ve identified 8 trends that will revolutionize the way work is done this year.

2024 HR Tech Trends

Ready? Guess the first HR tech trend. Yeah, you guessed right.

Gen AI Adoption and Upskilling in AI-related Skills

The next couple of months will see a massive adoption of gen AI in many businesses, with companies striving not to be left behind in the AI revolution.

Additionally, there will be a focus on equipping employees with AI-related skills so that they can work smarter and more creatively using gen AI tools as the unofficial assistant.

According to the PwC 27th global annual CEO survey, 68% of CEOs believe that gen AI will significantly increase the efficiencies of their employees at work while they expect a 50% increase in their own efficiencies. Generally, C-level executives anticipate a 44% increase in profitability and a 35% increase in revenue due to the adoption of gen AI in their business.  

Some implementations to expect include better use of chatbots, HR-tailored AI tools like the Josh Bersin Company’s Galileo, and more use for AI in the recruitment sector.

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Rise of Customized Employee Experiences (EX) and Re-engineered Surveys

EX isn’t going to the background. HR managers, CHROs, and people leaders will place more emphasis on the unique experiences of employees on their teams. Why?

As it gets increasingly difficult and costly to find talents that are a fit for roles, HR departments will champion the cause for better and customized employee experiences as a means to retain top talent and maximize productivity in the company.

On surveys, 2023 was practically decorated with surveys, and feedback forms, most of which led to survey fatigue. Nevertheless, teams need feedback to improve and thrive. Therefore, HR will focus on re-engineering surveys to ensure that employees are willing, at the very least, to accurately fill out feedback forms for growth in the organization.

The Rise of Hybrid Work and Remote Models

Remember 2020 when Covid changed the way we work? Since then, employees have discovered that they prefer the flexibility that remote and hybrid work arrangements bring. Despite the back-to-office efforts and return-to-office strategies and orders, remote and hybrid work models have continued to remain a major ask from many employees globally.  

We don’t see that changing anytime soon. 2024, in particular, will see more companies pivoting from the traditional brick-and-mortar setting to more flexible models like remote, hybrid, and four-day workweeks.

Emphasis on Internal Mobility

There will be more emphasis on internal mobility as an answer to talent shortages and attrition in many organizations. Managers and top leaders will create more room for employees to explore related roles horizontally and vertically.

Internal mobility will also be used to keep employees stimulated so that those who want to drift out the company door because of repetitive and unstimulating tasks will now have a compelling reason to stay.

Refocus on DEI, Mental Health as Gen Z Workforce Population Grows

Mental health shot up through the ranks of HR concerns in 2023 as more of the younger generation workforce, particularly the Gen Z’s, continued to demand better working terms and conditions that protected their mental well-being.

This led to the rise of mental well-being initiatives and resources, and prompted the shift from equating attendance hours to employee productivity.

As Gen Zs become a dominant part of the workforce, the quest for mental well-being will not cease. Companies will focus on providing better working conditions that combat burnout and protect staff's mental well-being. They will also refocus on initiatives that champion diversity, inclusion, and equity.

Resource: 10 DEI-Centric Workplace Ethics to Drive Organizational Success and Innovation (With 20 Executable Ideas)

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Increased Use of HR Tech Tools

A by-product of gen AI gaining ground will be that HR teams will embrace more HR tech tools.

These tools will help managers and other human resource pros to make smarter decisions. In particular, there’ll be increased use of predictive analytics for talent management and workforce planning.

Consequently, HR teams will also need to upskill to better leverage these HR tech tools

Re-engineered Recruitment Process

Part of the changes to expect this year is that HR teams will re-engineer the recruitment process to better attract top talent that fits the company’s needs. This 2024 HR tech trend will be fueled by talent shortages and employees’ expectations of where and how they want to work.

Additionally, because there is a better understanding of the needs of employees, it will affect the process through which they are recruited and onboarded into the company.

HR departments will also be hiring not just for immediate needs, but for the anticipated future needs of the company. This means that more emphasis will be on hiring for potential instead of immediate experience.

Emphasis on Pay Equity

Last but definitely not least, there will be more efforts to establish pay equity in organizations globally. More than ever before, HR teams will focus on identifying and rectifying pay gaps, scrutinizing salary data, and putting structures in place to promote transparency and ensure fair and unbiased compensation for employees.

Why the expected focus on pay equity in 2024? First, employees have increased access to online sources like PayScale, Glassdoor, and Indeed and are more aware of the market value of their positions. Secondly, forward-thinking companies who prioritize fair pay will avoid potential litigation, and improve employee productivity and job satisfaction, ultimately leading to a more rewarding bottom line.

However, perhaps the most important reason why we expect HR teams to focus more on pay equity is because it is an important tool to reduce workplace turnover, and the process can be entirely controlled by each company.

Resource: How to Create a Competitive Compensation and Benefits Package for Employee Satisfaction

So, there you have it.

Final thoughts

While almost everyone in the industry agrees that gen AI will make impressive strides adoption-wise this year, ultimately AI will not replace HR professionals. While we will continue to find new ways to make AI helpful and relevant, employees will still need people to keep the “human” in HR services.

Each of these 2024 HR tech trends will impact different organizations in different ways. Embracing the trends early will help you position your workplace as a forward-thinking, highly productive organization that cares about employee wellbeing.

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