Lanteria HR proudly presents its new modern user interface

New UI of Lanteria HR


Lanteria team always puts users first, aiming to create the best user experience they could possibly get with a complex multifunctional HRMS like Lanteria HR. This is why after massive research that helped us study our customers’ pains and better understand their needs and preferences, we decided to give Lanteria HR a whole new look.

The new design won’t become a radical change, so if you’re familiar with the old UI, you’ll easily and intuitively be able to find the pages and features that you need. But at the same time, the new interface brings Lanteria HR a fresh modern look and speeds up most of the processes.

So, what has changed in the Lanteria UI?

1. First of all, the new UI is based on the Angular web application framework, which brings in a sleek new look and overhauled user experience throughout Lanteria HR.

2. The menu in the header now features a navigation bar with drop-down menu items, making navigation easier on devices with various form factors. 

3. Every page, every control, and every icon have been revised. A fresh new look to every page… HR dashboards, employees - everything!

4. In the new learning catalog, learning materials are displayed in the form of tiles.

5. Some new features, tailored to this new UI, which you’ll be able to find only after you switch to the new UI:

  • With the redesigned header, along with the familiar action and controls, such as searching for employees, changing your role, quick actions, opening the chat bot or online help, you can see the new notifications icon with a number that tells how many new notifications you have.

  • The new notifications pane shows the tasks that require your action, such as development activities from your development plan that you need to complete or actions pending your approval.

  • Employee dashboard, redesigned from the ground up. Now, instead of links to various areas, which are accessible from the menu, the new dashboard provides an overview of useful information.

  • In the updated user profile you can upload your photo, edit your details, open your portal, sign in as a different user, or view and edit your SharePoint profile. 

But you shouldn’t take our word for it, better watch the following video that proves that the new Lanteria HR design is amazing:



Kelly Tucker
Managing Director of HR Star
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