Employee Dashboard is a shining new feature of the updated Lanteria HR

Employee Dashboard is a shining new feature of the updated Lanteria HR

Lanteria HR has a whole new look, and one of the features, available only within its new interface is Employee Dashboard. 

Let’s take a closer look at it!


Lanteria Employee Dashboard


In the top left, you can find tasks that require employee action, which work just like notifications. You can open the related page depending on the task type.

Then, as an employee, you can see news and announcements from your company. 

In the bottom right corner, you can see feedback that you’ve given to other employees. You can give or request feedback right from this pane.

And, finally, in the bottom left corner, you have a new pane with information about today’s birthdays or anniversaries if there are any.

The same dashboard is available if you switch to the Manager or Local HR role.

Of course, this new interface is just a starting point, and this new UI will keep being tuned and refined along the way to make your experience in Lanteria HR as smooth as possible.

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