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Lanteria’s org chart maker is here to make your life easy. As your company grows and expands, our software will record who comes, who leaves, and who changes departments, so you don’t have to.

Lanteria Org Chart Builder Features

Lanteria was made to cater to all your HR needs, and our organization chart builder is among the very important tools we have to offer. It was built to be used by HR managers in medium to large firms because they have a lot to do already. With the following features, it’s no surprise:

Employee directory UI with highlighted profile of Tanya Coleman.

Advertise Open Roles

Our org chart builder automatically points out to everyone which roles are open for the taking. Your employees will be able to respond accordingly to fill it internally without you having to advertise your vacancies across the internet.


Chart the Future

An org chart is a map of your company’s present geography. Once you have access to it, you can plan out the future trajectory and all the steps you need to take to get where the company needs to be.

HR data view: Country stats, employee trends.
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Easy Integration

Our org charts are very easy to integrate with a wide variety of HR systems, making it easy for you to have all the data you need to be available at your fingertips at any time. Integration even allows you to create org charts faster because importing data takes much less time.


Room For Growth

Companies are always growing and evolving, and our org chart is flexible enough to cater to these needs. You will be able to update the org chart without the need to format it anew at each step.

Visual insights from company data charts

Our Benefits for Making Clear and Correct Org Charts

Using Lanteria’s organization chart maker will give you many benefits. We’ve taken the liberty of listing the most important ones here:

Designed for your business

All of your employee data will be securely consolidated in one place. Not only will everyone be visible in one glance, but all of their records will be accessible with one click - even if they work in overseas branches or remotely.

Supports managers with data

The alternative is to manually create org charts, which are labor-intensive and easily deemed irrelevant as soon as someone leaves, joins, or changes departments. Our software automatically keeps the chart updated so you can focus on other important duties.

Designed for your business

By using our services, you will be able to create an interactive map of who’s who for new employees to get acquainted with your organization and how it works. At the same time, it also allows top management to gauge who to keep and who to let go, all at a glance.

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The purpose of org chart software is to lay out the company’s hierarchy for all to see. All the relevant information - who works for whom, how different departments work together - is visible at a glance by using organization chart software.
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