Streamlined Recruiting

Empower your recruiting team with a SharePoint applicant tracking system by Lanteria. Schedule interviews and utilize various screening tools to choose the best candidates.

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Great Candidate Experience

Streamline communication through the candidate self service portal, sending out automatically generated letters and interview invitations.

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Job Openings

Create job openings based on org structure, get them approved using role-based workflows and publish them to external job sites.


Candidate Pipeline

Publish the jobs to your internal career portal and external job boards, allowing candidates to apply online. Store data about each candidate including resumes, skill sets, and experience in one place for future talent pooling.

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Recruitment Marketing

Launch an easy-to-use and mobile-friendly career portal to share job postings, promote organizational brand and attract the best candidates.

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Design onboarding steps and ensure that required information is collected, necessary tasks are completed, and an excellent candidate experience is delivered.

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Recruitment Management
A Recruitment Management System (RMS) is a collection of tools for automating and managing your company's recruitment and staffing processes. The RMS in Lanteria allows you to manage the whole recruitment process, from listing positions to keeping candidates informed and involved.
The Reason Recruiters Need an RMS
Reduce time-consuming processes like arranging interviews by automating your hiring software and free up your calendar for more important duties. For job searchers, online recruitment management systems provide a one-stop application procedure.

Choosing the Right RMS

Choosing the best recruitment management software for your staffing company is critical, especially if you want quality people to work in your company. With Lanteria, we give you a range of benefits for you to launch your next recruitment process.
Lanteria RMS

Resume Filtration

Our efficient recruitment management solutions allow you to upload, analyze, and browse for applications in real-time. Furthermore, you can streamline employee onboarding by guiding new recruits through every step of the process, from providing them forms to fill out to providing explicit criteria and an easy-to-access document collection all in one place.

Lanteria RMS

Control Over Career Site

Establishing the perfect first impression is the first step in attracting the best applicant. Improve applicant handling and make it count with Lanteria's unique career page. With an attractive career site, you can improve the applicant process and make life simpler for them to apply.

You may also develop an organized recruiting process by asking the proper screening questions, which will allow you to spend less time assessing applicants.

Lanteria RMS

Getting the Right Candidates

By being available in numerous sources, you may increase the exposure of your job vacancies.

With our online HR recruitment system, you can shorten the time it takes to fill a position. With focused, clever, and successful marketing, you can get the word out faster and reach the appropriate individuals.

Search for talent on free or paid job sites such as LinkedIn all over the world by allowing potential candidates to apply immediately from their profile page, with applicant information auto-filled in a single click. Post your position on job boards, social networking sites, and a custom-branded career portal with a single click for maximum exposure to qualified applicants in quick time.

Lanteria RMS

Applicant Tracker

Streamline your everyday processes to increase recruitment efficiency just by sourcing with our intelligent end-to-end application monitoring, searching for potential applicants, and finding the ideal match. For more effective talent acquisition, our solutions will automatically send high-quality people to your dashboard while integrating with your workflow.

Monitor the details of applicants at each level of the recruiting process, from screening to hiring. Create a layout and automate all of your normal activities so you can focus your efforts on finding the best applicant for the position. Furthermore, interviews can also be easily scheduled and accessed by connecting your online calendar.

Lanteria RMS

HR Team Involvement

Provide access to multiple levels of information to manage user responsibilities and permissions. You can keep your coworkers informed by tagging them through @mentions as well. The activity log also allows you to see a summary of all the activities that users have taken in Lanteria.

Easy Recruiting With Lanteria Recruitment Management Software
When it comes to recruiting great talent, finding applicants is just half the fight. Without hiring management software, it's simple to lose track of candidates, progress, and documentation.

With Lanteria, you can automate operations and duties that need to be delegated with just a single click, thus reducing time-consuming processes and focusing more on identifying qualified applicants.

Lanteria's hiring channel can provide you with a broad overview of your employment vacancies. Get a full picture of your candidates' situation or status, create reports, keep everyone informed, and more. Therefore, you can make the best judgments possible at the appropriate moment.


Our approach to solving our customers' issues

"A XXI century organisation, customer focussed and solution-oriented. Our journey with them was very enjoyable and rewarding."
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Shire of Murray
"I like that everything can be moulded to your needs and the user is able to do this without waiting for an external party to create the reports or workflows."
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International Centre for Migration Policy Development
"It’s a very good HR Software that covers most of the HR topics. Its functionality and user friendly approach is amazing. The ROI is very high. For the value of money and time resources invested in implementation, you will get most out of it. The support team is great and they are always available for help!"
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"When Ingenium reached the 50+ employee threshold, I realized we needed to update our systems to accommodate our growing staff. After researching several options, we chose Lanteria because (a) it had all the features we were looking for, and (b) all the data was located in one place, which made it easy to manage and administer. It was a great option that checked all our boxes."
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"Lanteria gives us the flexibility to come up with creative ways, where putting the people's data together is not a manual struggle anymore."
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Andersen Construction
"We’ve been able to integrate our Lanteria database with our SharePoint data warehouse to automatically populate our Power BI dashboard. We now have better visibility to manage our HR and Training performance."
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"With the Lanteria HR implementation Deutz introduced the single HRIS for the whole organization with the possibilities for employee and manager self-service which improved the employees’ engagement in various processes."
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Organizing a continuous performance management process in a mid-sized company
The company management set a goal for the HR and IT Departments to automate the performance review process to make it happen in time and eliminate any confusion that the employees and HR had using the Excel forms. Lanteria HR got a contract for this project.
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Implementation of a resource management system in a consulting company
A European consulting company has selected Lanteria HR as a single system for resource management. By the time when the company purchased Lanteria HR, it hired around 170 professionals participating in various projects and the company management planned to increase the number of projects and thus, the number of personnel. As a result of the implementation of the Lanteria HR system, the client now has an efficient, uninterruptable and clear process for resource planning, selection and assessment.
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Absence management in an international company with multiple offices
The management of an international B2B company with a number of offices in several countries set the corporate financial year goals for the HR and IT Departments. One of the goals was to reduce the company costs related to the personnel absence management and, in general, improve the whole process itself. After implementing Lanteria HR absence management in the all company locations became more efficient and less time consuming.
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"Lanteria HR is helping us get out HR functions more organized. Because we already had SharePoint it was a good solution for HR related matters."
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Creative Assembly Limited
"Lanteria HR continues to provide valuable support with our employees performance management. This system has increased the visibility and importance of performance management throughout our company which helps us to effectively manage and improve the performance and attendance of our teams. Lanteria delivered a quality product, to the standards expected and have also provided great on-going support and bespoke system options."
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Great Blue Heron Casino
"I am very happy with the product. Your services are excellent."
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Majedie Asset Management
"We have used Lanteria for 7 years, and have found it to be functionally rich, it integrates seamlessly into our SharePoint environment, and represents good value for money. The support we have received has been excellent, both in terms of minor tweaks and major upgrades."
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KR Wind A/S
"Lanteria HR is by far the best Human Resource Management System for Sharepoint I have ever seen. Very seldom you find a software supplier that exceeds your expectations, Lanteria exceeded mine again and again."
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