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Candidate experience is best defined as the culmination of all interactions between a candidate and company during their candidate journey. This includes things such as emails and their candidate interview experience. How a candidate is treated during the hiring process can have knock-on effects that largely impact various HR concerns. It can also affect business bottom lines.

Why Is Candidate Experience Important?

Candidate experience is a core component of your company brand and subsequently your larger talent and business strategies. If companies fail to provide a good overall candidate experience, the candidate's opinion about the company will sour. Consequently, they are likely to take their allegiance elsewhere.

This includes them as both prospective candidates for other future roles and as a consumer of your products, leading to potentially huge losses in revenue and a diminished talent pool. Key candidate experience statistics that indicate this more clearly are:

  1. 66% of candidates who had a poor experience are likely to tarnish your company name through word of mouth and online via ratings and reviews, causing further damage to your overall brand reputation.
  2. Candidates who had a poor experience are 3.5 times less likely to apply to the same company again.
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Furthermore, a negative candidate experience will unsurprisingly cause an increase in offer rejection. Candidates view their unpleasant treatment during the hiring process as a reflection of company culture, and they will assume that the company treats their employees in the same way.

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Develop a Perfect Candidate Experience Management Strategy With Our Solutions

Lanteria's customizable HR platform has various features that streamline and automate the hiring process while simultaneously enhancing the candidate experience.

  • Organize and create a candidate database where resumes, skill sets, contact information, and experience are compiled. This allows for easy access, evaluation, and efficient filtering of unqualified and unsuitable candidates. Accelerated processing of applications means candidates move quicker to the next stage of the hiring process, and unsuccessful candidates are also alerted swiftly.
  • Instantly send out customizable and automatically generated email correspondence to candidates at any step of the recruitment process to keep them updated and notified of crucial information at each stage. Keep candidates in the loop about application and interview outcomes with ease.
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  • Effortlessly schedule, arrange, or cancel multiple interviews with ease using the built-in calendar. Say no more to scheduling conflicts, errors, and forgotten candidates.
  • Generate data through feedback forms and candidate experience surveys to gain insight into your overall hiring process and plan corrective actions.
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Companies should be continually seeking ways to improve candidate experience, as its importance cannot be overstated.

Thankfully, technological advancements have increased the efficiency of hiring processes through automation, and efficiency is a large contributing factor to enhancing the candidate experience. Timely correspondence ensures candidates feel valued and acknowledged.

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