Lanteria HR for SharePoint, Version 24.1.1 - 25/01/2024

Core HR - Issue fix - Fixed an issue with displaying inactive job roles on the Job Description page.

Core HR - Improvement - For the OffBoarding process, the future termination date can be automatically populated from the Terminations list.

Core HR - Improvement - Calculation of the HR process action Due Date will be based on the HR process Start Date, if the process start date is in the future.

Core HR - Issue fix - Fixed an issue with the order of assigned HR Process actions not matching the order defined in the HR Process Designer (applicable only for the Checklist process type).

Learning - Improvement - The learning material description is available from the Personal Development Plan.

Performance - Issue fix - Fixed a naming issue on the Competency Job Role Assignment Rules page.

Recruiting - Improvement - In the applicant status email templates, you can use placeholders for the first name and/or last name instead of full name.

Core HR - Improvement - Employee Congratulations can be configured to display only information on employee birthdays and/or working anniversaries.

Integrations - New Functionality - A new mechanism for the employee data synchronization has been implemented. Set up the field mapping with the outside system and update data in the Lanteria HR Employees list and related lists.