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With Lanteria HR cloud solutions, all HR management functionalities and data are easily accessible through a single platform. This allows for more resourceful and convenient processing of administrative tasks and storing documents and employee data.

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Our Cloud HR Software Benefits

Lanteria’s centralized storage offers greater security and reliability in storing files and data. No need to outsource for third-party storage service providers that might compromise data security and confidentiality.

Here’s why successful companies use the Lanteria Cloud HR system:

HR dashboard with monthly stats & app icons.

File Synchronization and Accessibility

Retrieve needed files anytime, anywhere by uploading your documents in Lanteria's dedicated cloud storage. No need for manual transfers. Access your files quickly through any supported devices.


Cater to Multiple Users

Various employees can work on a single file simultaneously without errors and disruptions. Increase worker collaboration and efficiency.

Employee directory UI with highlighted profile of Tanya Coleman.
Visual insights from company data charts

Expansion and Scalability

Alongside organizational growth are more paperwork, documents, and employee data. Our cloud storage is highly flexible and scalable to suit the growing needs of companies. Easily upgrade service plans to acquire extra space and features.


Enhanced Security and Data Protection

Lanteria's advanced technologies are able to safeguard files against server crashes, malware attacks, and employee misuses. Our cloud storage guarantees strong data protection and painless data recovery to avoid loss.

User interface for role selection with HR, Manager, and Employee options.

Reliable Backup Storage

Our cloud storage keeps your files safe and uncorrupted despite possible natural calamities, cyberattacks, and computer crashes. You always have a secure copy of pertinent documents and company data.


Cost-Efficiency and Performance

Get optimal storage processes without having to spend more. With our cloud storage, companies are able to cut expenses for external data storage providers, complicated IT infrastructures, and expensive IT maintenances. Our affordable subscription plans provide lifetime cloud storage and more advantageous features and services.

HR data view: Country stats, employee trends.
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