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Deutz is the international company dealing with the machinery repairingand spare parts retail all over the world. Their HQ is located in Germany. Lanteria has an agreement with the USA branch of the company. Deutz USA employs 350 people in 20 locations.

The client wanted to introduce a new performance and succession management policies and needed a software which helped them to implement new practices for their employees in the USA. As a next step, the company needed to optimize their recruiting and learning processes. Deutz USA was looking for a single system with the modules and functionality meeting their requirements.


The company was using the ADP software for their HRIS management and, according to the client, the system didn’t provide them with the flexibility they required in terms of the data and HR processes management. Also, the new practices that Deutz wanted to implement had specific requirements that, most probably, would need customizations of any system. According to the client, after careful investigations and discussions internally and with the ADP team, the decision was made to purchase a new system which would provide them with the flexibility they were looking for.

So, the immediate project priorities determined by the client were:

  • Move employee data from ADP to the new system and create custom reports meeting various needs of the management and the HR team;
  • Launch the Management By Objectives process allowing to set the company goals and then cascade them to the personal objectives through the departmental goals;
  • Link MBO results to the annual bonus calculation;
  • Digitalize salary / annual bonus reviews.

Improve the performance review process which includes assessment of the goals achievement, competencies, job responsibilities and set the development needs plan and individual goals for the next period. In addition to the above, the client made a decision to introduce the online application form for their recruiting activities. Also, there was a need to improve the learning management system which would allow controlling the in-house trainings.

Solution Strategy

Lanteria HR is the Microsoft SharePoint based software and can be easily integrated with other Microsoft products. At the initial stage of the project implementation we planned to integrate Lanteria HR with the client’s Office365 user profiles. However, due to the internal IT infrastructure specific, the company requested the Lanteria team to create login and password generator. This solution allows the users to generate own login and password to access the system. Also, this solution allows to automatically create the new employee’s digitalized card as soon as their accounts are created. Lanteria HR Performance Management module allows to manage the MBO and annual performance bonus calculations according to the client’s requirements. We made a few custom improvements to adjust the calculation formulas and this allowed the client to manage goals setting process and get annual bonus numbers as they expected. In addition, we proposed to include the standard competency and job responsibilities assessment functionality during the performance review, which had been accepted with minor improvements. Also, the performance review workflow was designed according to the requirements. This functionality is supported with the notifications the content of which is fully managed by the client. Notifications are sent out to the users responsible for the current step of the performance review process.

Lanteria HR Performance Management module is connected with the Lanteria HR Compensations module and allows to connect the performance review results with the base salary change. For these purposes we proposed to use the standard Lanteria Salary Reviews functionality. This allows the client to generate the salary review round and populate the final performance rating along with the salary change recommendations, which are available for the department managers doing the salary reviews. To meet the requirements regarding the reports, we proposed the client to create various custom reports based on the SharePoint lists using the Lanteria HR Report Center. The process of the reports creation is simple, has the export to Excel function and gives the client an enormous flexibility.


  • In result of the Lanteria HR implementation the client could introduce the new performance management process aimed to improve the company productivity and transparency in assessments and bonus allocations. This really increased the employees’ trust and proved that the MBO process is efficient.
  • With the standard and custom reports available in the system the client obtained the analytics helping them to manage HR processes and headcount.
  • Also, with the Lanteria HR implementation the client introduced the single HRIS for the whole organization with the possibilities for employee and manager self-service which improved the employees’ engagement in various processes.

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