Revitalizing HR Processes: Shire of Murray's Success with Lanteria HR

About Company

Industry: Local Government

Size: 250+ employees

Location: Western Australia

The Shire of Murray, a local government organization, needed a complete overhaul of its HPE CM, especially in the Human Resources (HR) area.

They had been relying on outdated systems like Excel, Word, and HPE CM for administration.

The Shire of Murray's Challenges

  • Too much paper, lost paperwork.
  • Inefficient tracking of recruitment and performance review progress.
  • Difficulty in managing employee training records.

Meet Michelle Ucich, HR Officer at The Shire of Murray

For the Shire of Murray, Michelle sought a solution that would be intuitive, secure, capable of handling end-to-end employee life cycles, and capable of automating candidate portals. They needed a solution that could serve as a single source of truth for their records.

After evaluating several solutions, they chose Lanteria HR, primarily due to its strong recruitment module, learning module, and report creation capabilities. Lanteria HR's flexibility, allowing it to be molded according to the organization's specific needs, was a deciding factor.

The Implementation and Experience

Lanteria's partner, Total Calibration, played a vital role during the deployment of Lanteria HR. Their support team communicated clearly, without unnecessary jargon, and displayed a sound understanding of HR processes.

This knowledge allowed them to adapt the organization's old processes into Lanteria HR effectively, ensuring a seamless transition.

"I like that everything can be moulded to your needs and the user is able to do this without waiting for an external party to create the reports or workflows."


Post-implementation, the organization experienced significant improvement in the processes previously reliant on Word or Excel.

The introduction of Lanteria HR solved the challenge of missing paperwork, especially in performance reviews. The recruitment module made searching for candidates in closed jobs simpler, and the learning module allowed the organization to track employee learning and development effectively.

Quantitative results include a reduction in double handling and less reliance on physical paperwork.

Overall, Lanteria HR was a great help to the organization. It streamlined their HR processes and made them much more efficient.

The Shire of Murray's Top 3

Recruiting module

Lanteria's Recruiting module is a centralized platform for managing job postings, applicant tracking, candidate communications, and onboarding. The module offers customizable workflows and reporting options to help organizations efficiently manage their recruiting efforts.

Report Center

Lanteria's Report Center is a comprehensive reporting solution that offers users a suite of predefined reports, as well as the ability to create custom reports, designed to cater to an organization's unique needs. The Report Center allows for deep analysis and visualization of HR data, facilitating realtime tracking and evaluation of key performance indicators (KPIs) across various aspects of HR such as recruitment, learning and development, performance, and compensation.

Learning Module

The module allows for the effective planning, implementation, and evaluation of a learning strategy, tailored to the needs of an organization and its employees.

It provides a range of functionalities, including the ability to create and manage learning catalogs, define and track individual and departmental learning plans, and facilitate a blended learning approach that includes e-learning, classroom training, and self-study. Employees can self-enroll or be assigned to courses, and their progress and completion can be easily monitored.

Lanteria's Learning module also provides the capacity to measure the effectiveness of learning programs through assessments, feedback, and reporting, providing valuable insight to further improve learning initiatives.

"Total Calibration supported the Shire of Murray HR team through the implementation, and listened to our needs. If they didn’t have a solution, we worked together on achieving an outcome which worked for us. It was very much about making the most of the functions of Lanteria in our workspace and everyday use, rather than making us change. Very much of “What can we do for you”."

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Ekaterina Avatar
Ekaterina K.

"Top-notch HR solution with excellent support team"

I was able to tailor the system to fit the unique needs of my organization, from creating custom fields to setting up workflows and approvals. This level of flexibility made it so easy to integrate into our existing HR processes, and it's made a real difference in our daily operations.
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Aleksandra Avatar
Aleksandra K.
"Lanteria is a top SharePoint HR software with a great team behind it"
    Lanteria HR is a great product that has even better team behind it. And as for a SharePoint-based product the Lanteria HR system looks very modern and runs quickly.
Akshay Avatar
Akshay U.
"Lanteria is the most flexible and secure HRMS I had"
    Our team is on Office 365, and Lanteria solves a big problem for us because it works so well with Microsoft products.
Hanna Avatar
Hanna B.
"Al-star for employee performance management and reviews"
   The Performance module gives us a straightforward dashboard where we can see all the vital stats about our employees' work performance. And, it updates in a flash so we're always in the know.