Document Management System

Document Management System With Our Office 365 Solutions

These days, document management plays a very important role when it comes to any business. Instead of rows of filing cabinets, the HR document management system arranges, organizes, secures, digitizes, tags, and completes tasks with your business documents, making an electronic archive that any person who has been given permission can gain access to and edit. 

Surely, many HR document management systems store data in the cloud; however, the one we’re talking about is more than just cloud storage. 

So, what exactly does the system help with? First of all, with Lantieria’s Office 365 solutions, you can easily upload and manage all kinds of documents, such as:

  • Job contracts

  • Reports

  • Archives

Besides, the system provides all information on when a particular document was added, edited, or removed. If you need to create a new one, just use a template to save more time. Clearly, if there is any information that is only supposed to be seen by HR reps, you may only allow access to the HR team, so that it can’t be viewed by others.

Second of all, Office 365 allows HRs to make a so-called Employee Card for each of your workers. This is a place where all personal documents like CVs, certificates, and contracts of every single employee are stored. With the help of Employee Self Service (ESS), your staff can view and edit these at any time, using the e-signature service DocuSign.

Let the system organize and manage your documents for you, and dedicate more time to your actual work!