Human Capital Management for Government organizations

In a world where manual input is becoming impossible to sustain, government organizations must upgrade to modern technology and digitalize their processes and procedures in order to stay current. Automation of Human Capital processes is a large and very important part of digitalization. HRIS solutions help automate the people data base as well as approval processes and workflow, in addition to providing manageable storage for documents. This enables metric-driven performance management and provides an accessible solution to manage Learning and Development. 

Automated HR Processes and Workflows

Core HR solution significantly simplifies HR processes for government organizations, also saving administrative time with automated workflow and approval processes. Having a transparent, easily accessible and manageable database makes storing and working with employee data and company documents a simple and efficient process.

Learning and Development Planning

The Learning Management System is a very important module for government institutions because it eliminates the major waste of time and energy that is required to manually plan, track and review content for Learning & Development and manage learning plans for each employee. An additional benefit is that it also allows the user to manage training budgets with ease.

Smart Performance Management

More than most, government organizations need a modernized approach to measuring and managing employee's professional performance and skills. Considering the unique and costly training required for all government employees, keeping and retaining top talent, and helping them identify and plan their career is vital. The implementation of the Performance module enables smart and measurable performance management and succession planning. 

Time and Attendance Tracking

Automating Time and Attendance allows government organizations to eliminate human error in the managing and reporting of employee timecard, absences and PTO requests. This significantly decreases time spent on administrative tasks and reduces overhead costs.

Reporting and Analytics

Reporting provides government institutions with a powerful tool that enables users to analyze employee performance, overall headcount statistics, learning data, and make informed decisions based on facts and analytics.

Easy Recruiting and Talent Management

Decrease administrative time for Recruiting at Governmental organizations with automated process and Applicant Self-Service portal. Improve candidate search and person-job match. Schedule interviews and tasks lists for hiring managers in the module and build a strong, efficient team, decreasing turnover right from the beginning.

Self Service Portal

Having a Self-Service Employee portal reduces administrative time and efforts and simplifies the entire HR process. The employees take ownership of their HR needs and the portal increases transparency across the organization by allowing employees access to their employee data, learning data and absence quota. 

Success Stories

  • Idaho Department of Labor
  • Federal Aviation Association
  • San Francisco Housing Authority
  • City of Saskatoon
  • City of Tukwila
  • City of Hobart
  • Barossa Council ​​​​​​
  • Shire of Murray
  • Shire of Dardanup
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