Lanteria HR +
Adobe Acrobat Sign Integration

This partnership provides a fast, secure, and legally compliant way to get documents signed electronically, accelerating the hiring of top talent.
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Introduction to Adobe Acrobat Sign in Lanteria HR Recruiting

Leverage the power of Adobe Acrobat Sign within Lanteria HR to transform your recruitment process. This integration introduces advanced e-signature capabilities, allowing candidates to easily sign documents electronically. It simplifies the hiring process, reducing the time between offer and acceptance.

Getting Started with Lanteria HR and Adobe Acrobat Sign

Initial Setup Process:

Begin by setting up your Lanteria HR system, inputting crucial organizational data like structure, employee details, and compensation using Lanteria’s Data Import tool.

Integration Activation:

After setting up Lanteria HR, activate the integration with Adobe Acrobat Sign to enhance your document management process, allowing for efficient digital signing and handling of HR-related documents.

Sign, Seal, and Secure: A Digital Hiring Revolution

Electronic Signature Convenience: Eliminate the hassle of traditional document signing and embrace a paperless approach with Adobe Acrobat Sign integration.

Secure and Legally Binding Signatures: Ensure the authenticity and legal validity of candidate signatures with Adobe Acrobat Sign's advanced security features.

Streamlined Document Signing Workflow: Automate the process of sending, signing, and tracking documents, reducing administrative burdens and minimizing delays.

Benefits of Adobe Acrobat Sign in Lanteria HR

Enhanced Candidate Experience:

Candidates enjoy the convenience of signing documents electronically from any device, anywhere, anytime. The integration with Lanteria HR means faster document turnaround, helping you secure candidates more quickly.

Robust Security and Compliance:

With Adobe Acrobat Sign, all e-signatures are legally binding and comply with e-signature laws globally. Benefit from advanced security features that protect sensitive information and ensure the integrity of signed documents.

Efficient Performance Management

The integration supports Lanteria HR's focus on setting clear goals, streamlining employee appraisal, and feedback processes. Acrobat Sign's e-signature feature ensures that performance reviews and related documents are signed and processed quickly, enhancing overall productivity.

Enhance the Candidate Experience and Foster Brand Loyalty

Effortless and Convenient Signing: Empower candidates to sign documents from anywhere, using any device, at their convenience.

Real-Time Status Updates: Keep candidates informed about the status of their documents, fostering transparency and trust throughout the hiring process.

Modern and Efficient Hiring Experience: Showcase your company's commitment to innovation and efficiency, creating a positive impression on candidates from the outset.

Advanced Learning and Development

Lanteria HR aids in developing employee skills through targeted training programs and managing compliance requirements​​. The integration with Adobe Acrobat Sign allows for easy signing of training agreements and compliance documents, ensuring seamless management of learning modules.

Leverage Digital Efficiency

Cut down on administrative tasks associated with traditional paper-based processes and allocate more resources to strategic HR initiatives, thanks to the time savings offered by Adobe Acrobat Sign integration.

Enhance the Candidate Experience and Foster Brand Loyalty

Reduced Administrative Burden: Automate document signing tasks, freeing up HR professionals to focus on more strategic initiatives that drive hiring success.

Real-Time Document Tracking and Visibility: Gain real-time insights into the progress of document signing, ensuring timely completion and minimizing delays.

Improved Document Management and Storage: Eliminate the need for physical document storage, reducing paperwork and associated costs.

Embrace a Future of Paperless Hiring and Candidate Delight

Lanteria HR's integration with Adobe Acrobat Sign empowers businesses to revolutionize the hiring process, making it faster, more efficient, and more candidate-centric.

With this powerful integration, you can eliminate paper-based documents, enhance security, and deliver a positive candidate experience that attracts top talent and fosters brand loyalty. Embrace the future of digital hiring and experience the transformative power of Lanteria HR's seamless Adobe Acrobat Sign integration.

Mobile Accessibility

Embrace the power of mobility. With this integration, manage the entire signing process directly from your mobile device. Whether you're sending, tracking, or even scanning paper documents with your device’s camera, handle it all on the go.

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