Lanteria HR + JobTarget Integration

Unlock the power of effortless job posting and wide-reaching talent acquisition with Lanteria HR’s integration with JobTarget.
The Lanteria Recruiting module is integrated with ZipRecruiter, a leading employment marketplace in the US and Canada.
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The versatility of LanteriaHR

Getting Started with Lanteria HR and JobTarget Integration

Integration at a Glance: Lanteria HR seamlessly integrates with JobTarget, simplifying your recruiting experience like never before. Post job openings directly to thousands of job boards through JobTarget, all from Lanteria's intuitive interface.

Initial Setup: Begin your journey with Lanteria HR by setting up your SharePoint app. Initially, this app will be a blank slate. Populate it using Lanteria's Excel templates and the Data Import tool, uploading essential information such as organizational structure, employee details, and salary data.

Integration Process: Once your basic system is in place, you can then proceed to integrate Lanteria HR with JobTarget. This integration streamlines your recruitment efforts by allowing you to post job openings to thousands of job boards directly through Lanteria HR.

Simplified, Efficient, Empowering

Effortless Job Posting: With a few clicks, import job openings from Lanteria HR into your JobTarget account and broadcast them across the internet. Reach top talent on a global scale without leaving Lanteria HR.

Robust Tool Integration: Leverage the JobTarget platform's diverse recruitment apps, from talent engagement to compliance maintenance, all integrated within Lanteria HR.

A Unified Approach to Modern Recruiting

No Boundaries, Just Opportunities: Whether you're a small business or a sprawling enterprise, the Lanteria HR and JobTarget integration provides scalable solutions to meet your unique hiring needs.

Data-Driven Recruitment: Utilize JobTarget’s analytical tools within Lanteria HR to make informed recruiting decisions, ensuring you connect with the best candidates.


Streamlined Application Tracking

Lanteria HR and JobTarget integration ensures that all candidate applications flow seamlessly into your HR system. Say goodbye to manual data entry and enjoy a streamlined application tracking process.


Tailor Your Job Listings

Customize your job postings to target specific candidate demographics with ease. Lanteria HR's integration with JobTarget allows you to create tailored job listings for different roles and locations.


Optimize Your Recruitment Workflow

Maximize efficiency with Lanteria HR and JobTarget. Our integration automates repetitive tasks, allowing your HR team to focus on strategic talent acquisition.


Real-time Job Analytics

Gain real-time insights into the performance of your job postings. JobTarget's analytics, seamlessly integrated with Lanteria HR, provide you with the data you need to refine your recruitment strategy.


Engage with Candidates Effectively

Leverage Lanteria HR's communication tools to engage with candidates directly from the platform. Keep candidates informed and engaged throughout the recruitment process.


Stay Compliant with Ease

Lanteria HR and JobTarget's integration ensures that your job postings and hiring processes remain compliant with industry regulations. Rest easy knowing that you're following the rules.


Go Global, Act Local

Expand your recruitment efforts globally while maintaining a local touch. Lanteria HR and JobTarget's integration offers a powerful solution for reaching diverse talent pools worldwide.

Real-Time Updates and Analytics

Job Updates: Stay in control of your job postings. Any updates or changes you make in Lanteria HR are reflected in real-time on the JobTarget platform, ensuring that your listings are always up-to-date.

Analytics Insights: Gain valuable insights into the performance of your job postings. JobTarget's analytics tools provide data on views, clicks, and applicant sources, helping you refine your recruitment strategy for better results.

By seamlessly importing job openings from Lanteria HR into your JobTarget account, you can effectively broadcast your job opportunities to a vast and diverse audience, all while enjoying the convenience, customization, and cost-efficiency that this integration offers.

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Support and Training

Partnering for Your Success: We're here to support you every step of the way. Access comprehensive training resources and dedicated support to make the most out of the Lanteria HR and JobTarget integration.

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