Lanteria HR +
LinkedIn Learning Integration

Seamlessly integrate LinkedIn Learning's expansive course library with Lanteria HR's Learning Catalog for a comprehensive and dynamic learning experience.
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Elevate Your Team with Lanteria HR's LinkedIn Learning Integration

Continuous learning is essential. Lanteria HR's integration with LinkedIn Learning offers a gateway to knowledge, transforming your workforce into a powerhouse of innovation and growth.

Getting Started with Lanteria HR and LinkedIn Learning Integration

Integration Overview: Lanteria HR's integration with LinkedIn Learning redefines the landscape of corporate learning and development. Seamlessly incorporate LinkedIn's extensive course library into Lanteria HR's Learning Catalog.

Initial Setup: Begin by establishing your foundation in Lanteria HR, configuring your SharePoint app as a starting point. Populate it with vital organizational data such as employee profiles, roles, and development plans using Lanteria's Excel templates and Data Import tool.

Integration Activation: With your Lanteria HR system primed, activate the integration with LinkedIn Learning. This enables the automatic creation of LinkedIn courses within your Lanteria HR Learning Catalog and streamlines the process of updating development activities based on LinkedIn Learning courses, ensuring a holistic approach to employee learning and development.

Streamlined Learning Made Simple

Automated Course Integration: Say goodbye to the tedious manual entry. Courses from LinkedIn Learning seamlessly populate Lanteria HR's Learning Catalog.

Efficient User Management: Uploading your team is a breeze with our straightforward .csv format.

Progress Tracking in Real-Time: Stay updated on your team's learning journey. Course completions from LinkedIn Learning automatically sync with development activities, providing insightful learning trends.

Personalized Learning for Every Employee

Customized Learning Journeys: Craft unique learning pathways that resonate with each employee’s career ambitions, driving focus and relevance in their learning experience.

Celebrating Learning Milestones: Keep track of progress, acknowledge achievements, and cultivate a workplace where learning is celebrated and encouraged.

Insightful Learning Analytics: Harness the power of data to identify skill gaps, tailor training initiatives, and fine-tune your talent development strategy.

Fostering a Future-Ready Workforce

Engaging and Empowering Learning Experiences: With access to LinkedIn Learning's extensive resources, foster a workplace culture that values growth and continuous learning.

Upskilling for Tomorrow's Challenges: Equip your team with the skills needed to navigate the evolving industry landscape, ensuring your organization remains adaptable and forward-thinking.

Boosting Performance and Productivity: A culture of learning translates to enhanced skills, leading to improved performance and higher productivity.

Join the Learning Revolution with Lanteria HR and LinkedIn Learning

Embrace the future of learning with Lanteria HR's LinkedIn Learning integration. It’s more than just training; it's about empowering your team for a future of growth and innovation. Witness your workforce flourish in an environment that values learning and personal development.

Real-Time Learning Progress Tracking

Lanteria HR updates employee development activities based on their progress in LinkedIn Learning courses, providing real-time insight into learning achievements.

Foster an environment of continuous learning and development by tracking and encouraging course completion.

Streamlined Course Management

Automatic Course Synchronization:

Courses from LinkedIn Learning are automatically created in Lanteria HR's Learning Catalog, constantly expanding the range of available training resources.

Effortlessly maintain an up-to-date and diverse learning repository, reflecting the latest trends and demands in various professional fields.

Efficient User Management for Learning

Simplified User Enrollment:

Utilize the easy-to-manage .csv file format for uploading Lanteria HR users into LinkedIn Learning, streamlining the enrollment process.

Reduce administrative workload, allowing HR and training managers to focus on more strategic learning initiatives.

A Strategic Investment in Your Workforce's Future

Embracing Lanteria HR's integration with LinkedIn Learning is more than just an upgrade to your HR system; it's a commitment to your team's continuous growth and excellence. This integration opens doors to a diverse world of top-tier learning resources, tailored to each employee's journey and aspirations.

It's an opportunity to foster a culture of innovation and self-improvement, positioning your organization for sustained success. Witness the transformative impact as your workforce evolves, equipped with new skills and knowledge, ready to propel your organization forward.

Unlock the Potential of Continuous Learning

Transform your workforce with the power of integrated learning. Discover how Lanteria HR and LinkedIn Learning can revolutionize your talent development approach.