LanteriaHR + Microsoft Teams Integration

Transform Your HR Operations with Seamless Integration
Create and oversee HR documents, Policies, and Employee data from one central place
The Lanteria Recruiting module is integrated with ZipRecruiter, a leading employment marketplace in the US and Canada.
It makes better sense to switch to LanteriaHR if you already use ZipRecruiter
The versatility of LanteriaHR

Seamless Integration, Endless Possibilities

Integration Overview: Lanteria HR's integration with Microsoft Teams redefines HR efficiency. This powerful combination enables you to manage HR tasks such as scheduling interviews and training sessions directly within Microsoft Teams, streamlining your workflow.

Initial Setup: Starting with Lanteria is straightforward. After setting up your SharePoint app, you can import data like organization structure, employees, and salaries using Lanteria's Data Import tool. Once your basic system is up and running, integrating with platforms like Microsoft Teams is a breeze.

Elevate Your HR Workflow with Microsoft Teams

Effortless Scheduling & Collaboration: Say goodbye to application switching. Schedule interviews and training sessions effortlessly with Lanteria HR’s integration with Microsoft Teams. Enhance teamwork with real-time document sharing and online collaboration.

Expanding Lanteria’s Capabilities: Once integrated, use Microsoft Teams to extend Lanteria’s functionalities. This integration is part of a series of enhancements that Lanteria offers, including synchronization with other platforms like ADP, LinkedIn Learning, and Zip Recruiter.

Streamlining HR Processes from Recruitment to Engagement


Efficient Recruitment: Global candidate interviews, cost-effective and expansive.


Smooth Onboarding: Easy access to training materials and team connections.


Enhanced Employee Performance: Continuous evaluations and feedback for improvement.


Employee Engagement: Utilize Teams for surveys, feedback, and virtual events.

The Future of HR Collaboration

Continuous Innovation: As Microsoft Teams evolves, Lanteria is committed to enhancing its platform, elevating the user experience to new heights. This ongoing development promises a dynamic and future-proof HR management system​​.

Unified HR Management, Simplified

Integration Ease: Integrating Lanteria HR with Microsoft Teams is straightforward, requiring no complex setup. Just ensure Microsoft Teams is installed, and you’re set to leverage the synergy of two powerful tools.

A Comprehensive Solution: This integration provides a unified solution for modern HR challenges. Whether it’s managing interviews or conducting training, achieve it all in one integrated platform.

Instant Integration, Lasting Efficiency

Create and oversee HR documents, Policies, and Employee data from one central place

Transforming Workplace Communication with Microsoft Teams

Growing User Base: Over 250 million monthly users, ideal for remote work and collaboration.

Unified Communication: Integrates chat, video, and file sharing, streamlining HR communication.

Enhanced Employee Performance: Continuous evaluations and feedback for improvement.

Streamlining HR Processes with Microsoft Teams

Integrating Microsoft Teams: Lanteria HR takes HR management to the next level with Microsoft Teams integration, enabling users to efficiently schedule meetings and collaborate. This integration brings together the robust communication tools of Microsoft Teams with the comprehensive HR functionalities of Lanteria.

User-Friendly Interface: The integration offers a user-friendly interface that simplifies HR tasks. Lanteria users can easily navigate between the two platforms, leveraging Microsoft Teams' capabilities without leaving the Lanteria environment.

Enhancing Communication and Collaboration

Effective Teamwork: Microsoft Teams' integration enhances communication and collaboration within HR teams. Share documents, engage in online meetings, and collaborate on HR projects in real-time, ensuring a more cohesive and efficient workflow.

Real-Time Data Sharing: This integration facilitates real-time data sharing, allowing HR teams to make informed decisions quickly. Whether it’s about candidate evaluations during recruitment or employee performance reviews, data accessibility is greatly improved.

A Step Towards Digital Transformation

Digital HR Management: The integration of Lanteria HR and Microsoft Teams is a significant step towards digital transformation in HR. It aligns with modern HR practices, supporting remote work and digital communication, essential in today’s business environment.

Scalable Solutions: Whether you're a small business or a large enterprise, this integration scales according to your organizational needs. It supports businesses in their growth journey, adapting to changing HR requirements.

Expand Your Integration Beyond Teams: Embrace Office 365 and SharePoint

Unified Dashboard: Streamline operations by managing all HR information from a single, unified dashboard, increasing productivity and efficiency​​.

Automated Updates: Save time with automated updates to records, reducing manual workload and minimizing errors.

Secure Data Management: Ensure data security and confidentiality, crucial for sensitive HR information.

Remote Accessibility: Access your HR portal from any device, offering flexibility and support for remote work environments.

Tailored HRIS: Customize elements in your HRIS to suit your company’s unique processes, from e-forms to onboarding procedures.

Enhanced Collaboration: Leverage SharePoint for document management and collaboration, enhancing team productivity and communication.

Seamless Office Integration: Easily share and collaborate on Word documents and Excel sheets within Lanteria HR, facilitated by Office 365 integration.

Immediate Integration, Lasting Impact

Your HR Efficiency is Just a Click Away