Lanteria HR System for 360-degree feedbacks and annual performance reviews

Performance management solution within All-in-one HR Software

Lanteria HR solutions for SP

What can Lanteria HR do to your Performance Management?

Performance appraisals
360-degree feedbacks
Ad-hoc reviews
Employee feedbacks
  • Seamlessly set up review rounds
  • Create custom review workflows
  • Enjoy dozens of predefined templates for review rounds
  • Calculate performance score for each employee
  • Multiple reviewer groups (managers\peers\subordinates)
  • Internal and External reviewer grops
  • Predefined 360 feedback form templates
  • Customizable review forms
  • Perfect for unscheduled evaluations
  • Easily launchable review for a single employee
  • Can be started at any given moment of time
  • Ensures continuous evaluation process between the manager and the team
  • Effortless set up for HR manager
  • Enhances peer-to-peer recognition
  • Increase employee performance by highlighting their strong sides
  • Peer-to-peer feedback
  • Leavef public or private feedback
  • Huge variety of badges for each given\recieved review.

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Lanteria HR is a superb, easy to use HR system

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