Learning Analytics Software

Generally speaking, learning analytics is the measurement, analysis, and reporting of data about learners and their progress, which is essential for the improvement of educational services. This also includes evaluating students’ performance and testing the effectiveness of learning tactics and techniques.

Lanteria Key Features and Benefits

Lanteria offers multiple methods to analyze and measure data to understand learners’ – or employees’ – needs.

To assess participants’ knowledge, Lanteria has come up with a tool that helps build a quiz. Quizzes are assigned to employees and are to be completed within a certain period of time. You can create all types of questions, including single choice, multiple-choice, matching, etc.

Lanteria LMS Quiz

In addition, Lanteria provides reports and overview of the current progress of all or a group of learners (Learner Report), their development activities (Development Activities by Employee Report), required compliance training (Required Training Report), and others.

You may also want to track analytics on your employees’ certifications as well as reward learners with your own after completing a training course.

All of this, and more, can be done with the help of the Lanteria Learning Analytics system.

Learning statistics
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The key benefits of learning analytics include the following:



Large Impact of Limited Resources

HR managers are responsible for finding top talent and, therefore, set out the overall direction of development for the entire organization. A Learning Analytics system helps maximize their impact by giving automatic information on:

  • Certificate information
  • Current average score
  • The number of passed vs. failed development activities for each employee
  • Employee feedback on trainer
  • And much more

Individual Approach

With the help of Learning Analytics software, you can track the progress of the entire team as well as the performance of a particular learner, which allows you to detect their strengths and areas for growth.


With learning analytics, you receive a clear and comprehensive analysis of the implemented learning methods. This leads to a better understanding of whether these practices have been useful enough to remain in your training program.

Increased Responsibility

Recruiters are held accountable by their employers who have the primary interest in getting the most value out of new hires’ training. Learning analytics helps measure improvements over time and make the necessary changes to training programs as quickly as possible.

Empower Learners

Training is important even for employees who didn’t stay at your company for very long. By providing learning materials to every employee, your company is showing that it values lifelong skill and career development.

Why Do You Need a Learning Analytics System?

Learning analytics are widely used in many different industries. But when it comes to HR, employee training plays a crucial part in recruiting.

Taking your employee training program seriously and investing good money in it will give you a competitive edge in attracting and retaining the best talents, while proper analysis of your LMS can improve the performance of your workforces.