Office 365 HR System

Office 365 based human resource management system software is designed to help you manage direct and extended HR operations, such as:

  • New employee onboarding

  • Leave management

  • Asset management

  • Employee directory

  • Time tracking management

  • Employee separation or termination

Office 365 HR solution is easy to use and navigate, yet the system offers individual modules for companies that have to meet different needs.

Lanteria, powered by Office 365 HR System

Lanteria HR is a SharePoint-based HRM solution that facilitates and automates the entire HR management cycle in a company.  The framework is installed as a site of the SharePoint site collection and integrated with Office 365 via Microsoft Azure Active Directory.

Employee Directory 

Based on Office 365 and Microsoft SharePoint, Lanteria’s customizable human resource management system shows data about every single employee in your company. This allows you to find information on any worker in milliseconds, especially if you are using filters to narrow down your search results. Select a particular department, location, job title, manager’s name, and others, and voilà: you’ve got a list of the employees you were looking for.

When you have a complete database in one place that you can always look through and find any piece of information you need, you’ll certainly save a lot of time. Compared to other frameworks, Lanteria HR helps you avoid performing these time-consuming routine tasks over and over again. 

Document Management System

Using Lanteria’s Office 365 HR management system, human resources managers can also help save the environment by going paperless. Every single step of the recruiting process – from receiving the application to terminating the contract – is well documented in the framework. You can search for a particular email, keyword, PDF, Word document, or file in almost any other format.

Your data and documents are safe from natural disasters, theft, and other threats. Go through your framework regularly to put away documents that are no longer needed and to make sure none are missing. Moreover, HR managers can track the history of what documents have been changed, moved, shared, or removed.

Leave Management System

The Leave Management System can be easily customized to the particular needs of any company, whether it’s a small start-up or a global corporation. The Office 365 Leave Management System does not need additional infrastructure, yet it has an intuitive user interface design and provides the best leave management software experience.

Employee Self Service

Encourage your staff to accomplish more with knowledge and quick actions. Office 365-based Lanteria HR lets employees see all the news, announcements, updates on company policies, and any other changes within the organization. People are able to find this information at any time, wherever they are. Because this self-service system enables employees to follow what’s happening in the company on their own, you’ll save valuable time. 

A new employee can use Lanteria’s self-service framework starting from the first day of their employment. To learn more about the organization, they can proceed to read the company’s policy or other essential documents – of course, with HR’s permission. 

Besides, the framework allows staff to apply for leave, check the status of various approvals, access the help desk, etc. Workers are welcome to update and customize their profiles, add profile pictures, update their statuses, provide phone numbers or addresses, and complete all the necessary fields and forms.


Despite being very simple and convenient, the timesheet application has a variety of features and functions, such as:

  • Timesheets

  • Daily projects and operational tasks

  • Weekly reports linked with project and organizations

The Lanteria/Office 365 time tracker is one of the most helpful HR management services, allowing you to track tasks and time without worrying about maintaining extra cloud, logins, credentials, and data security issues.

We believe that a time reporting system should be as easy as possible - not only for the users recording time on projects and activities but also for the HR managers who need reports/statistics from the reported time.


Just like any other Office 365 feature, its ticketing system is easy to navigate and customize. The system guarantees that your company will be able to handle any issues properly. Just make sure you’ve assigned a ticket to a certain team in order to avoid any confusion as to who should be working on it. Our Helpdesk offers different perspectives to help you sort out your tickets depending on their priority, category, time, status, or groups. 

Workers can submit requests to teams through the ticketing system’s customer portal, via email, or through an embedded web part. Support teams like IT and HR would then be able to process, track, and monitor these requests using this Sharepoint ticketing system.