Office 365 Time Tracking solutions

Time Tracking System based on Office 365 and Sharepoint Solutions

Regardless of your company’s size or industry, tracking time and attendance is essential. A great system has the power to streamline the time tracking processes of small and medium-sized companies all the way to enterprises. 

That said, it’s no wonder that the most effective time tracking systems are built on Office 365. Lanteria HR is integrated with Office 365 through the Microsoft Azure Active Directory. With the time-tracking functions that Office 365 brings, Lanteria HR enables:

  • Creating unlimited tasks and projects

  • Enabling employees to record their work hours on a daily basis and turn in weekly timesheets

  • Giving managers approval permissions for weekly timesheets

  • Generating detailed reports for admins and managers; the reports can be filtered into billable and non-billable hours

  • Sending email notifications after timesheet submission, acceptance, and rejection

  • Allowing the modification and re-submission of unapproved timesheets

  • Compatibility with Chrome, Edge, Internet Explorer and basically every browser you can name

What Time Tracking Solutions Do We Offer?

Within Lanteria’s robust time management tool suite, powered by Office 365 Time tracking solutions, we offer transformative solutions:  

Time tracking in project management: Lanteria HR harnesses the power of Office 365 Time tracking solutions, enabling employees to register their time spent on various tasks – and allowing managers to receive submitted weekly timesheets, approve/reject them, and generate comprehensive reports. The results? Managers are able to use reporting insights to scale productivity, predict team performance, and track employee skills

Absence approval: Without proper management, processing leave requests can become a time-consuming and error-filled task. Usually, manual tracking of leave requests leads to mistakes; Lanteria’s approval processes, on the other hand, eliminate any room for error.

With Lanteria HR, managers can clearly define leave policies, automatically calculate leave balances, and receive notifications for leave requests. What’s more, the Manager and Employee self-service portals streamline leave processes and reduce processing time to just a few minutes – rather than days.

International absence policies: Every country has its own mandates for paid and unpaid time off. Managers can create absence plans and assign them to specific groups of employees. The complex automation and interconnection between employee and company data gives the manager a birds-eye view of absences.

Global PTO management: With Lanteria HR, it is no longer necessary to manually calculate absence allowances; traditional methods of calculation are strife with errors, especially when the organization has global offices. Through Lanteria HR’s automation power, absence allowances are automatically calculated, offices in various regions get their own global dashboards, and self-service tools reduce the time necessary for the PTO approval process. 

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