Lanteria HR for SharePoint, Version 20.2.12 - 06/19/2020

Learning - Issue fix - Fixed an issue that prevented setting the completion date for the development activity after completing the SCORM course.

Core HR - Improvement In addition to Content Approval and Status Approval, a new No Action workflow result type is available in the Approval Process Settings.

Performance - Improvement - A description is added for the Display form for employee managers check box in the performance review workflow settings.

Performance - Improvement - If someone creates a new topic for a check-in, everybody, except the creator will see the Unread tag near the topic name on the employee Check-in page, same as for the unread comment.

Compensation - Improvement - The org unit salary review is locked for the org unit manager after changing the status from Draft to Pending. 

Core HR - Issue fix - Fixed an issue which prevented generating the approval request for a new job after the New Job Request check box is selected on the Job Description Request page.

Core HR - Issue fix - Fixed an issue with not displaying the employees for whom the current employee is additional manager. Now such employees are displayed after setting the Whole Team filter on the My Team page.

Recruiting - Issue fix - Fixed an issue that allowed scheduling a job interview for the same time in the same meeting room.

Core HR - Improvement - A new Audit Log Report is now available in the Report Center, the Core HR group.