Lanteria HR for SharePoint, Version 20.2.4 - 04/24/2020

Time & Attendance - Improvement  -  In the Vacation Statistics report, the Special Rules Leaves column is now available not only in the Regular mode, but also in the Dynamic mode as well. 
Report Center - Improvement - In the Employee Dates report, the Termination Date column now also displays future dates when an employee is pending termination.
Performance - Improvement - The Gap Analysis Chart is now available in the Kendo mode. 
Performance - Improvement - When configuring a performance review step in a performance review workflow, the step can no longer be assigned to Department Manager (the Assigned To field).
Core HR - Issue Fix - Fixed an issue that allowed saving an incorrectly configured System Job Error Notification Email setting in the company settings.
Performance - Issue Fix - Fixed an issue where the name of the file created as the result of saving a check-in as PDF didn't coincide with the check-in title.
Core HR - Improvement - When the LHR - Process Reminders system job is run, a progress bar is displayed while the job processing is in progress. 
Learning - Improvement - The text of the error message that is displayed when scheduling a training and trying to reserve a room that is already reserved for the specified date and time was revised to improve clarity.
Core HR - Improvement - On the HR Processes page, prompt text was added to help users understand that the View button needs to be clicked to see data.
Recruiting - Issue Fix - Fixed an issue that would allow a manager to edit a job opening that this manager didn't create.
Recruiting - Improvement - The layout of interview schedules was improved to make it less cluttered. If an interview schedule for a job opening self-scheduling contains more that 8 time slots, only the first 8 time slots are shown on the Interview Schedule tab on the Job Opening Details page; other time slots are hidden. To see other time slots, click show more.
Recruiting - Improvement - Calculation of the deadline for job opening interview self-scheduling, which defines the period in days till the nearest available date in the schedule, for which a candidate won't be able to self-schedule an interview, was improved as follows: the deadline is calculated starting from 12:00 a.m. of the nearest available interview date, and not from the starting time slot on that day. Deadline = [Nearest Available Date 12:00 a.m.] - [Self-Scheduling Deadline value (number of days)].
Recruiting - Improvement - Emails that a job candidate and interviewer/organizer receive when the candidate self-schedules a job interview are now based on two different templates and contain different content.
Learning - Issue Fix - Fixed an issue that would prevent saving of an edited development activity with SCORM. The Final Score and Expiration Date fields were removed when editing such a development activity because these fields are filled in automatically.
Core HR - Issue Fix - Fixed an issue that would prevent an employee from being able to see his or her actions on the My Actions page if the total number of items in the non-filtered list exceeded the view threshold configured in the WebApp settings.
Core HR - Issue Fix - Fixed an issue where the HR HelpDesk dashboard wasn't displayed properly under certain conditions.