Lanteria HR for SharePoint, Version 20.2.5 - 05/04/2020

Core HR - Improvement - The name of the Job Description page (previously named Job Roles when it was opened by clicking My Company > Job Description) and the corresponding breadcrumb trail link were aligned and are the same now.
Performance - Improvement - The charts in the 360 Feedback Result report are now available in the Kendo mode.
Performance - Improvement - The Check-in page now displays the last added comment (who commented and what) under each topic, which allows the participants to read the latest comment without having to open the topic.
Recruiting - Issue Fix - Fixed an issue where the value from a custom field filled in while creating a job opening would go to the Description field instead.
Performance - Issue Fix - Corrected a typo in the error message that is shown when creating an employee KPI that already exists.
Core HR - Improvement - During synchronization with Office 365, Lanteria HR performs the following verification when synchronizing an org unit: LHR retrieves information about an org unit from Office 365, and checks whether an org unit with same title exists in Lanteria HR. If not, LHR checks whether an org unit with the same code exists in Lanteria HR. If not, an org unit with the title from Office 365 is created in Lanteria HR.
Report Center - Issue Fix - Fixed an issue where filters for custom reports created in the Report Builder did not work properly.