Lanteria HR for SharePoint, Version 20.2.6 - 05/12/2020

Core HR - Issue Fix - Fixed an issue that could cause an error when trying to use the employee quick search for the second time in a row.
Performance - Improvement - Several menu items, pages, and breadcrumb trail links, related to employee feedback and 360 feedback, were revised: Employee Feedback was renamed to My Feedback (only for the Employee role), and 360 Feedbacks was renamed to 360 Feedback in several places. 
Recruiting - Improvement - When you are scheduling an interview, Lanteria HR now verifies whether there are conflicts with other appointments for the selected interviewers, and if so, an error message will be shown preventing you from scheduling the interview.
Report Center - Improvement - In the Report Builder, the mechanism of copying from a list to SQL tables was improved.
Core HR - Improvement - For the Manager role, on the My Team page, a new additional filter was added that allows the manager to view employees filtered by: Direct and additional reports (view employees for whom you are the Manager as well as the Additional Manager), Direct reports only (view employees for whom you are the Manager), or Whole Team (view employees for whom you are the Manager as well as their direct reports if they are the Manager for someone).
Performance - Improvement - Employees in the HR role can now reopen the last completed check-in session on condition that another check-in session is not started at the moment.
Learning - Improvement - When a training event is created or cancelled, the organizer receives an email notification about it.
Recruiting - Issue Fix - Fixed an issue where the values of the Ethnicity field on the Candidate Self-Service site were not sorted alphabetically. 
Recruiting - Issue Fix - The Request Job Interview action is no longer shown on the Interview Stage Details page when it is opened by clicking Details on the Interview Stages tab of the Job Opening Details page, because in this scenario the action didn't do anything. Note that the action is still available when you batch schedule interviews.
Recruiting - Issue Fix - Fixed an issue where a manager could edit a job opening (add stages, candidates, job opening questions, and interview stages) that hadn't been created by this manager.
Core HR - Issue Fix - Fixed an issue that could cause a large empty area under the HR HelpDesk dashboard with a big number of HelpDesk requests.
Recruiting - Issue Fix - Fixed an issue that prevented a job opening from being saved if the Description field was required.
Core HR - Improvement - The Kendo framework, which is used in various charts, was updated to the latest version.