Lanteria HR for SharePoint, Version 20.2.7 - 05/18/2020

Recruitment - Issue Fix - Fixed an issue where after editing skills of a candidate, and then saving the changes, the Skills form would close. 
Learning - Issue Fix - Fixed an issue with the personal development plan where the view would switch back to the default view by date if you made changes in the assignment details of a development activity while the view was by development need. 
Performance - Improvement - The message that is shown when an employee tries to return a performance form to the previous responsible person was expanded with the text box where the employee must specify a reason for returning the form. Additionally, the email notification that the previous responsible employee receives in this case was updated.
Performance - Improvement - The Skills Search functionality was overhauled. The layout of skill groups was revised to make it more user-friendly. You can use the quick search field to quickly find a skill group by typing its title.
Recruiting - Improvement - The process of job opening approval was revised. If a job opening is pending approval (because of a configured approval workflow), different roles will have have different permissions/possibilities: a) the manager who created the job opening can only edit such a job opening; b) the manager responsible for approval can only approve such a job opening; c) the HR/Recruitment Manager can either approve and open the job opening or just approve it.
Recruiting - Improvement - Now when creating an interview schedule, which is used by candidates to self-schedule a job interview, Lanteria HR verifies whether selected time slots overlap within the interview schedule or with other interview schedules for at least one interviewer, and if so, an error message will be shown to prevent creation of an interview schedule with overlapping time intervals.
Recruiting - Improvement - The URL link that is generated when publishing a job opening with the JobTarget publishing option and shown on the Job Publishing tab of the Job Opening Details window now, instead of opening the job ad on the Candidate Self-Service site, opens the JobTarget dashboard page where you can manage the published job opening.
Recruiting - Issue Fix - Fixed an issue where the error that occurs when scheduling an interview that conflicts with other interviews for the selected interviewers was shown with a scrollbar.  
Core HR - Improvement - When searching for employees and setting a filter by org unit, the list of available org units available for selection now excludes inactive org units.
Time and Attendance - Issue Fix - Fixed an issue that could prevent registration of an absence in case the  specified number of absence hours consisted of a decimal fraction. 
Learning - Issue Fix - Fixed an issue where the scheduling assistant didn't show any information.
Learning - Issue Fix - Fixed an issue that could cause an error in certain scenarios on the personal development plan.
Time and Attendance - Issue Fix - Fixed an issue that could cause an error when trying to manually adjust allowance for an employee.