Lanteria HR for SharePoint, Version 21.2.5 - 07/15/2021

UI - Improvement - Further UI improvements implemented. Related issues fixed.

Core HR - Improvement - A new Employee Chart tab was added to the My Team page where the manager can see the organizational chart of the whole team or direct reports only.

Other - Issue Fix - Fixed an issue with the Diagnostics page that wouldn't display any data.

Recruiting - Issue Fix - Fixed an issue that caused the edited value of a custom field to disappear after editing a job opening.

Learning - Issue Fix - Fixed an issue that prevented quiz answers from being registered correctly.

Time and Attendance - Issue Fix - Fixed an issue with the Vacation Statistics report that wouldn't display any data.

Recruiting - Issue Fix - Fixed an issue with the inactive Delete action on the My Job Openings page for the Manager role. The action was removed for this role.

Recruiting - Improvement - The Recruiting Manager role permissions have been expanded. Now Recruiting Managers can:

- hire a candidate (create a new employee from the candidate or start an onboarding process)

- manage an onboarding process and onboarding process actions (stop/restart)

Integrations - Issue Fix - Fixed an issue that prevented correct uploading of the Learner Detail report, downloaded from LinkedIn, with learning results to Lanteria HR due to the updated results template on the LinkedIn side. The integration with LinkedIn Learning was updated to ensure that learning results can be uploaded to Lanteria HR properly.