Lanteria HR for SharePoint, Version 21.3.3 - 09/23/2021

Integrations - Improvement - The integration with Microsoft Teams was expanded: a Lanteria HR app was added. This app, when installed, provides the employee dashboard (except the ability to delete feedback and announcements).

Performance - Issue fix - Fixed an issue with the performance review that was rendered incorrectly.

Learning - Improvement - The courses in the learning catalog are now displayed in smaller tidier panes regardless of the course description length. If a course has a very long description, you can only see its beginning while the full description can be viewed by clicking the "see more" icon at the bottom of the course pane.

Core HR - Issue Fix - Fixed an issue that allowed creating duplicate items in various places when repeatedly clicking an action while the previous click was still being processed.

Core HR - Issue Fix - Fixed an issue that prevented quick actions and user notifications from being displayed when the user was on the HR Help Desk page and viewed tickets with certain statuses. Also, the inability to navigate through the second-level menu after switching to a different status on that page was fixed as well.

Performance - Issue Fix - Fixed various layout issues related to the new UI on the Succession Details page.