Lanteria HR for SharePoint, Version 21.4.3 - 11/11/2021

Performance - Issue fix - Fixed an issue with the reviewer recommendation request, which prevented the managers from receiving the request and recommending the reviewers for 360 Feedbacks.

Learning - Issue fix - Fixed an issue with duplicating courses in the personal development plan, which occurred after clicking the Add button in the Learning Catalog several times.

Learning - Issue fix - Fixed an issue with updating the learning category name and type in the Learning Catalog.

Core HR - Issue fix - Fixed an issue with duplicating comments for the HR HelpDesk requests, which occurred after clicking the Comment on This Case button several times. 

Performance - Improvement - When calculating the summary rating the half values will be rounded downwards. For example, if an employee has a 3.5 score (e.g. 3 - Meets expectations for competency assessment and 4 - Exceeds expectations for objectives), the summary score will be 3 - Meets expectations.

Performance - Improvement - The performance review action buttons (Submit Review, Assign Summary Rating, Actions) are also available from the bottom of the performance review form.

Time and Attendance - Improvement - The new columns allowing to compare the registered hours to the work pattern hours are now available in the Timesheet report.

Performance - Issue fix - The competency group assessment will be displayed on the Employee Competency Assessment page only if the Manual Group Assessment check box is selected in settings.

Performance - Improvement - Now employees who have been assigned a 360 feedback form for assessment can see the form in the employee dashboard (Tasks Requiring My Action) and in User Notifications.

Core HR - Improvement - When creating an HR process template for a new starter, the users can make it applicable to specific job role(s) and employment type(s) only. The Job Roles filter is also available for the new employee process templates.

Time and Attendance - Improvement - For absence plans Period Calculation Type set to Calendar Days, the duration of absences will be calculated with consideration of company holidays.