Lanteria HR for SharePoint, Version 22.2.3 - 05/20/2022

Other - Issue fix - Fixed an issue which caused generating performance review forms and sending links to such forms to the terminated employees, provided that corresponding Probation Review settings had been in place.

Recruiting - Improvement - When searching for a candidate to assign it to some job opening, the skills that can be used in Candidate Search are now sorted alphabetically. 

Recruiting - Improvement - When creating a job opening, the users will be able to choose the Employment Type. Data from this field will be copied to the starter profile.

Performance - Issue fix - Fixed the layout issues that occurred after exporting the performance review form to .pdf.

Other - Issue fix - Fixed a number of layout issues which occurred after upgrading to the new UI.

Recruiting - Issue fix - Fixed a typo in the Time to Hire Report.

Integration - Improvement - The Azure AD Photo Integration job has been optimized. If the ImageNotFound and EnterpriseEntityNotFound errors occur when running the job, they will be united into one warning. In the event viewer, there will be a code of the error and a list of users to whose photos the errors occurred.

Core HR - Issue fix - Fixed an issue which made it impossible to open and edit the employee card after restoring the deleted card.

Integrations - Improvement - The Seek integration has been upgraded to the new Seek API.

Core HR - Improvement - Added an option to set up reminders for the past terminations. The "after" rules now take into account also the unprocessed termination records.