Lanteria HR for SharePoint, Version 22.2.4 - 05/27/2022

Recruiting - Improvement - The Employment Type field on the Job Opening page is moved after the Job Role field and is made required.

Report Builder - Issue fix - Fixed an issue with the additional filter layout which occurred in custom reports created through the Report Builder.

Time and Attendance - Issue fix - Fixed an issue due to which the changes to the Fill out automatically timesheet setting were not saved.

Recruiting, Learning - Improvement - If there is an event in the Outlook calendar with Show as set to Free, such event will be displayed with a label Free. This is true for Scheduling Assistant, Interviewers Availability and Trainer Availability pages.

Recruiting - Improvement - Various sorting options are now available for the My Goals page.

Integrations - Improvement - For the Azure AD integration, the users can now define whether a new assignment must be created in case of changes to the employee's job role, org unit or country.

Integrations - Improvement - Progress bar has been added for the ADP Integration Job.