Lanteria HR for SharePoint, Version 22.3.5 - 08/10/2022

Recruiting - Improvement - When using the Interview Schedule for letting the candidate select one of the available time slots for the interview, it is now possible to set up the MS Teams meeting generation.

Recruiting - Issue fix - Fixed an issue with the date format on the Interviewer Availability page, which was not based on the format defined in the Company Settings.

Performance - Improvement - Added instructions to be displayed when selecting assessors for the 360 review. 

Recruiting - Issue fix - Fixed an issue with the org unit managers not being able to view the job openings for their org unit.

Learning - Improvement - When creating a learning material, the certificate names in the Certificate lookup are now sorted alphabetically. 

Performance - Improvement - The layout of the performance review preview form and the Employee filter on the Performance Review Rounds page has been improved.

Time and Attendance - Improvement - Descriptions for the fields used for setting up the automatic timesheet fill out have been added.

Performance - Issue fix - Fixed the formatting issues for the 360 Feedback Result Report.

Report Center - Issue fix - Fixed an issue which caused the custom report fields of the check box type (Yes/No) to be displayed as the True/False type.