Lanteria HR for SharePoint, Version 4.4.110 - 01/30/2018

Core HR - Improvement - To avoid issues with big amounts of data, the Dashboard charts with horizontal bars display 12 bars and others become available upon scrolling.
Other - Improvement - The es2013custom.js and es2013custom.css files were removed from solution and added to the master content.
Time and Attendance - Issue fix - In the dynamic absences mode, if the Hide sickness details from manager check box is cleared, the managers can see the absence types if the Absence Schedule.
Time and Attendance - Improvement - In the Out of Office Calendar, the employee names are separated with the semicolon.
Learning - New functionality - When cancelling a development activity, an employee can specify the cancellation reason. Cancellation reasons the employees can choose from are set up under Settings > Settings and Configuration > Learning, Learning Catalog, the Advanced tab.
Other - Improvement - The redundant LHR - Carried Overs job has been removed.
Time and Attendance - New functionality - HR can set up vacation planning restrictions - periods when employees cannot book vacation. This can be done under Time & Attendance > Absence Lists > Vacation Restrictions.
Learning - Improvement - In training event appointment template, following placeholders can be used: {DevelopmentActivityId} {SiteURL}