Lanteria HR for SharePoint, Version 4.4.111 - 02/14/2018

Time and Attendance - Improvement - In the dynamic absences mode, HR can set up the vacation planning restrictions for limiting the dates when the employees can book vacation.
Core HR - Improvement - For the sake of GDPR compliance, the Pending Termination status will not be displayed to the users with the Employee role.
Other - Issue fix - While activating feature under the System Account, the obsolete lists are removed.
Recruiting - Issue fix - In Candidte Self-Service, for the letters received by the candidates, the date and time the letter was sent is displayed.
Time and Attendance - Issue fix - Timesheet security issue has been resolved.
Recruiting - Issue fix - In Candidte Self-Service, the interview status is displayed as Completed only if it is in the past.
Recruiting - Issue fix - In Candidte Self-Service, all the fields for the job opening details are displayed according to the configuration file.
Core HR - Improvement - The current assignment can be edited from the Employment History.
Other - Issue fix - After activating the Lanteria.WebFeature, no issues with the LocalHR.ItemDeleting handler occur.
Core HR - Improvement - The Other change reason has been added. 
Other - Issue fix - A top menu Item is not displayed recursively in the dashboards frame while loading charts.
Performance - Issue fix - After the employee's job role changed, the role is updated in the performance review round.