Lanteria HR for SharePoint, Version 4.4.112 - 03/05/2018

Other - Improvement - The employees that have been removed from the Office 360 group can be automatically terminated in Lanteria HR. 
Recruiting - Issue fix - Recruiting Manager can create job openings without issues.
Learning - Issue fix - When scheduling new trainings, appointments are sent according to the appointment template.
Recruiting - Improvement - The job opening optional and required documents are synchronized to Applicant Self-Service.
Compensation - Issue fix - All the Salary Sheet fields are now visible in the Export mode. 
Time and Attendance - Issue fix - The booked absences are displayed correctly and special rules are properly applied while registering an absence that starts in one allowance period and end in another one.
Performance - Issue fix - In the Performance Scores by Org Unit chart of the Performance dashboard, only reviews with filled in summary rating are included into the calculation.
Time and Attendance - Improvement - Titles of items in the Reminder Notification Tasks for the Absnece Reminder by Reminder Date are formed as follows: <absence type>:<Employee Name> (<start>-<end>).
Core HR - Improvement - In the HR Process Actions, the information repeated for each step (process name and employee/starter name) has been removed.
Report Builder - Issue fix - The Report Builder reports now work correctly for the Training Manager, Recruiting Manager and Performance Manager.
Other - Improvement - An information message has been added to the Kendo charts to inform the end-user that horizontal barcharts are scrollable and in case the chart was built based on more than 12 entities, the user will have to drag the chart in order to view the hidden records.
Learning - Improvement - The users can select the Skip Employees with Completed Activities check box if, when assigning the current curriculum, a new development activity must not be created for a curriculum course in case an employee already has a completed (and not expired) development activity for the same version of this course.
Learning - New functionality - New functionality for training events allows to define training schedule (days when it is active and start/end time). Employees will receive multiple appointments for each day. Appointments will be updated/deleted upon changes in the training event details. Old training events (already created in the system) will work as before, without training schedule.
Learning - New functionality - When integration with Microsoft Exchange is set up, Exchange appointments will be created/deleted and meeting rooms booked upon training event creation/modification/deletion.
Learning - Improvement - Select the Consider Additional Job Assignments check box in the Learning settings for the employees to be included into the learning groups by both main and additional job assignments.
Time and Attendance - Issue fix - The pending approval timesheets for the weeks that start in one month and end in another month are displayed correctly in the Timesheet Approval Management page.
Learning - Improvement - It is possible to schedule a classroom training that is not based on the learning material.