Lanteria HR for SharePoint, Version 4.4.117 - 04/25/2018

Performance - Issue fix - If an appraiser is included in more than one group (for example, Managers and Peers), the status of the assessment is displayed correctly in the 360 Feedbacks page.
Other - Improvement - In the System Jobs page, the jobs are displayed with the job name only and without the unique identifier.
Performance - Improvement - The competencies in the Assessment 360 Result Report are displayed by groups and according to the competency name.
Core HR - Improvement - A new setting can be used to define which employee information is to be displayed under the name in the employee search pages and charts.
Other - Improvement - A group of settings for managing the integration options has been added. 
Other - Issue fix - The calendar for the date selection is displayed correctly even if the application is not hosted within the root site collection.
Core HR, Recruiting - Improvement - When an employee or candidate is automatically created/updated (by means of integration or Candidate Self-Service), the name is generated based on the full name template.