Lanteria HR for SharePoint, Version 4.4.118 - 05/15/2018

Time and Attendance - Issue fix - In the Timesheet Report, the employee records are displayed correctly when grouping by project or activity.
Candidate Self Service - Issue fix - The job opening start date is displayed in Candidate Self Service according to the start date in Lanteria HR.
Other - Improvement - Custom roles can be created based on the Local HR role. To achieve this, Local HR role will be assigned based on additional account if it exists. If an employee doesn't have an additional account, main account will be used.
Learning - Improvement - Template for the training feedback request mail can be defined under Settings and Configuration.
Recruiting - Issue fix - If any interview form template is set up to be used as default, it will be used when scheduling an interview without the template specified. If there is no default template and no template is selected when scheduling an interview, the simplified interview form will be used.
Core HR - Improvement - User interface texts have been improved (for the setting used to define which employee information is to be displayed under the name in the employee search pages and charts).
Performance - Issue fix - Under My Performance > My Goals, if the user clicks one of the tabs and selects to display only active goals, the filtered goals are displayed on the correct tab.
Recruiting - Issue fix - The Applicant Tracking page works with big numbers of applicants.
Compensation - Issue fix - The Salary Sheet page is displayed correctly if the user clicks View more than once.
Compensation - Issue fix - The column order in the export and default views of the Salary Sheet is the same.
Performance - Issue fix - The competency importance is set up through the Job Role Competence list.
Core HR - Improvement - The legal entities, locations, countries, cost centers and companies can be set inactive so that they are not shown in statistics in the dashboards.