Lanteria HR for SharePoint, Version 4.4.124 - 07/12/2018

Recruiting - Improvement - When creating a job opening or a candidate, you can specify several locations. Locations specified by candidate through Candidate Self-Service are copied to the candidate card created in Lanteria HR.
Core HR - Improvement - When creating a job description request, the users can specify the org unit.
Core HR - Issue fix - When filling in form for the HR process action of the Fill Form type, the data entered into the field of the picker type is saved without issues. 
Core HR - Improvement - Now table on pages with the Child Table View web part have correct structure and this allows using the JQuery DataTable for this table.
Performnace - Issue fix - When the user deletes an item in the Custom List section of the performance review form, the user is redirected to the review form after the item is deleted.
Core HR - Issue fix - The employee photos can be uploaded without issues.
Learning - Improvement - The status of the training request is not included into the training request Comments field.
Learning - Issue fix - When opening a training event without learning material from the Training Schedule, the empty sections (Course Objectives, Documents) are hidden.
Recruiting - Improvement - The candidate documents will open in a new tab (like employee documents).
Learning - Issue fix - Only the following roles can edit the final score: HR, Training Manager, Local HR.
Core HR - Improvement - Now an employee can be rehired and then terminated. It works for immediate or future assignments.
Learning - Improvement - When the training event details are edited, the Appointment change notification will be sent only if the following is changed:
- Start dade
- End date 
- Room
- Schedule (i.e. time within one day)