Lanteria HR for SharePoint, Version 4.4.126 - 07/26/2018

Core HR, Learning - New functionality - New setting Number of Future Training Budget Periods was added. The new setting allows allocating training budgets for future periods.
Candidate Self-Service - Improvement - The job offers in the status Pending will not be displayed in the candidate self-service.
Learning - Issue fix - Time shifting in the multi-day training schedule works without issues.
Time and Attendance - Issue fix - The Calculated Duration is displayed correctly for the absences in the Safari browser.
Learning - Improvement - The appointment cancellation letter will be sent to the internal trainer when the trainer is changed or removed.
Permissions - Improvement - The button text was changed for the ES HR Admin group in the Training Feedback form.
Learning - Issue fix - The Send Request button is displayed or hidden in the Event Details and Learning Material Details forms depending on the current learning material assignment status.
Performance - Improvement - The competencies in the Competency Assessment Analysis report are sorted descending by the competency level, and each competency level is ordered ascending by the employee title.
Learning - Issue fix - Performance issue was fixed within the learning group assignment. Development activities are created without issues.
Recruiting - Issue fix - The users with the Manager role will be able to see only the interviews related to their job openings and interviews where they are interviewers.