Lanteria HR for SharePoint, Version 4.4.129 - 08/16/2018

Performance - Issue fix - The outdated Autosave KPI History setting has been removed.
Core HR - Issue fix - The Vacant/Exceed positions in the Structure Report is the same as Vacant Positions in the Company Overview dashboard.
Performance - Issue fix - The Competency Report can be opened in the Export mode without issues.
Learning - Issue fix - The learning material rating is displayed correctly for the training events.
Learning - Improvement - When importing the LinkedIn courses, new development activities will be created in the following cases:
An employee doesn't have any development activity for a learning material
An employee has development activity for a learning material and the last activity status is Completed or Expired, but percent of completion in the result uploading file is not 100%.
Time and Attendance - Issue fix - When specifying the acting person during the absence update (in the form that opens after clicking Request Change for the absence), the acting person approval process is initiated correctly.
Performance - Issue fix - When starting the 360 review round for more than 84 reviewers, the review forms are generated without issues.
Performance - Issue fix - The assessors for the 360 review are selected randomly for the Auto Select Assessors option.
Performance - Issue fix - When the managers, subordinates and peers are selected for the 360 review, the inactive employees are not included.
Core HR - Issue fix - The value in the FTE - Main Assignments field of the Company Figures dashboard is the same with Actual FTE in the Structure Report. The assignments in the inactive org units are not included into the calculations.
Performance - Improvement - Under Performance > Performance Reviews, a new Performance Reviews tab has been added. Use it to view all the performance reviews meeting the selected criteria (filter by dates, review type or employee).